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Final Resolution 2007 PPV Preview
January 12, 2007

Compiled by Jason Longshore
and Featuring the OO Forums TNA Posse


I will apologize in advance for this month's preview. I'm actually out of town in Indianapolis on a business trip and trying to cobble
together a preview of this month's Final Resolution PPV. Can I at least get some bonus points for sitting here in the hotel lobby putting this together? That's some commitment for you, isn't it? I'm sure the WORLD FAMOUS OO FORUMS TNA POSSE will help

me out this month with their expert analysis.

Enough bitching out of me, away we go...

Elimination Match for the NWA Title 

You'll notice a good number of rematches here this month. Considering Impact for the month was taped all at once immediately after December's PPV, that's to be expected. These three met last month, with Abyss retaining his title in a bit of a surprise. The finish was a little fluky, with Abyss hitting a Black Hole Slam on Sting, catching Christian with a swinging Sting to take him out as well. Sound confusing? Well, it looked just as confusing watching it live.

The battle for WHO WILL SAVE ABYSS' SOUL has continued as a result. Christian and Tomko haven't fully revealed Abyss' deep dark secret, but we know that it involves a prison. Mitchell has been getting more and more scared of losing Abyss' soul to that inconsistent goody two shoes thieving Sting. Sting keeps trying to get Abyss to stand up for himself, but Abyss hasn't fully been able to do that.

This past Thursday when the chips were down, Abyss actually seemed to rededicate himself to the dastardly Mitchell. Mitchell claimed that Christian and Tomko only knew a tiny fraction of Abyss' deep, dark secret, and that if Abyss didn't "come home," Mitchell (who knows the WHOLE secret) would have no choice by to tell the world. And voila: Abyss goes apeshit on Nice Guy Sting the first chance he gets, deeply upsetting the ImpactZone Crowd.

Due to the continued issues between these three, and the lack of a clear cut decision of the better man, Cornette booked a rematch for this month.

The OOutlOOk
Christian wins:  3 votes   --|--  Abyss wins: 1 vote

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Christian wins.
Iím going to lay it out there: Vince Russoís tired fingerprints have hurt the title picture more than anywhere else. He hasnít ruined it, but itís just gottenÖbland. Of the three guys in this feud, the most emphasis is put onÖAbyss? I know heís the champ and all, but even with Mitchell at his side, the charisma and ďI careĒ factor have ran thin three months into this. Not that there hasnít been interest and intrigue; I honestly am not sure how this is going to turn out and thatís kind of cool, but I care so much more about Christian at this point that Iím pretty much pulling for him to win. The last iMPACT, too, was more Christian-centric, and if theyíre going the direction it appears, Angle-Christian is on the horizon. Plus, theyíre not going to have Abyss be the one to end Christianís undefeated streak, Abyss just pinned Sting last month, and I donít see Sting winning the belt again. Heíd just lose it in a month, anyway. Unprettier onto thumbtacks for the win.
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Christian wins.
I'll admit that I'm only mildly curious about where the hell they're going with this story, but at least I can't say that they haven't put a lot of effort into it. Maybe that's a bad sign. Meh, whatever. Abyss is very confused as to who he's supposed to side with, and Christian just wants the damn title back. I'm surprised that of his two opponents, Sting hasn't noticed the irony in facing off against a dude named Christian, since Sting, you know... IS one. At any rate, there's this whole "secret" thing floating around Abyss that has to do with his past and prison. I'm guessing it has to do with him moderating a prison forum and creating an online encyclopedia about it (wankipedia shout out!!!). Christian wants to reveal the secret but Sting wants to help Abyss forget his past and become a better man. Oh, fuckin' hell. My head hurts. The only people that seem to care about the title here are Christian and James Mitchell, so I see Sting getting eliminated first, Abyss losing to Christian and then Mitchell revealing TEH SEEKRITZ!!~! w00t! Christian is your new champ and he and Tomko share and intimate embrace... in the sunset.
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... Christian wins.
I know ratings have been steady in the "Abyss Era," but I'd attribute that more to the shift to prime time happening pretty much simultaneously, and NOT to some nationwide mandate to continue presenting a champion who strikes 80% of wrestling fans as a joke. Or at the very least, as a ripoff.

So c'mon already, let's get the title off him and fix it so that TNA starts having some main events people care about (instead of PPV after PPV where we sit around and try to decide which undercard match is actually more deserving of the headline spot), dammit! Sting's a swell guy and all (and is probably extending his contract with TNA, to boot), but to me, a heel Christian (now flanked once again by the Lovely Miss Tomko) is where you want to go. He can fend off challenges from Angle, Joe, Sting, and even (ugh) the Returning Babyface Jeff Jarrett, which pretty much sets you up till at least summertime.

Sting eliminates Abyss first (to add more fuel to a possible one-on-one blow-off match between them, now that Abyss is re-eviled). Christian then (with an assist from his valet, no doubt) takes care of Sting to score the second elimination and win the title.

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Abyss wins.
Another one that could go in a few different directions, but I'd like to see Abyss in a one-on-one title match before he loses the belt. There's also still plenty that can be done in this storyline with Abyss remaining champ.


30 Minute Ironman Match 

We're up to Round Three of the WRESTLING FEUD OF THE UNIVERSE, with each man winning one match. Joe played the punk card on Angle initially after December's PPV, refusing to give him a rematch because Angle repeatedly said that December would be the last time he would ever face Samoa Joe. Of course, that was before he lost. Angle played the "I'm absolutely nuts and will snap anyone's ankle until I get my way" card, making Don West cry and threatening the lovely So Cal Val. He followed that up by putting Joe's woman in the Ankle Lock as he was announced Mr. TNA for 2006. Joe couldn't take it anymore and granted Angle his rematch.

Angle was supposed to face Christian Cage in last week's Impact main event, but Joe attacked him first. They had the first ever TNA brawl that spanned two commercial breaks. I thought Joe was going to suplex Angle off a roller coaster at some point. Once they were finally separated, Cornette announced that their rematch would be in a TNA 30 Minute Iron Man Match. Their confrontations have gotten progressively better, will this one really be the DREAM MATCH OF THE DECADE?

The OOutlOOk
Angle wins: 2 votes   --|--  Joe wins: 2 votes

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Angle wins.
This is THE DREAM REMATCH OF THE REMATCH THAT THE WORLDíS BEEN WAITING FOR TO CHANGE THE FACE OF TNA. Iím pretty sure that at least a few other people are going to say the same thing I am (Lucky, for sure): they should have waited. I was jacked for the second match because I knew it would be better than the first and because I thought Joe would win. Both of those happened, and it would be cool to see Joe string Angle along for a few months. It wasnít bad to ďmake it personal,Ē but I donít think it had to be rushed. Of course, if it is to be rushed, 30 minutes of guaranteed action is about as great as you can go, and this will still be a treat to watch. And again, as Russo has admittedly done right, Iím not sure whoís going to win. Angle seems to be next for a title shot; Angle/Abyss or Angle/Christian seems more likely than Sting/Joe. Iím not sure where Joe goes from here, but Iím picking Angle with a last second ankle-lock-into-pinning-combination.
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Joe wins.
I can't imagine this not going on last again. I also can't imagine it not going longer than 30 minutes after both guys have picked up only 1 fall a piece before the time is up. I ALSO can't imagine it not ruling something hardcore fierce. In fact, I'm almost looking forward to it being over. Three months is a good solid amount of time to spend on a feud and Joe/Angle is pushing the limits of that. I'm very curious to see where Joe and Angle go from here. Will they both come out face? Heel? Will Joe ever stop eating Kreamy Krust donuts? Why does Angle's neck/head area remind me of an over-stuffed sausage? Who will ref this match and will they be extra attentive considering the fact that they're most likely gonna get clobbered and knocked out at some point, allowing Angle to cheat even though he's technically the good guy? Tune in sunday to find out!!! I suppose Joe will win, you know, just because. I really don't care. Both of these guys are running head-long at the world title and unless one of them gets very VERY side-tracked, they're gonna butt heads again very soon. So we can look forward to Joe/Angle I, II, & III... part 2. But for now, Joe kills Angle.
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... Angle wins.
Kurt Angle didn't come to TNA to lose his first feud. For all his talk about rebuilding a company and doing whatever it takes to put TNA on top and all that, the one thing Mr. Taking All Too Seriously will NOT do is drop his first serious rivalry to some tubby jabroni. Even if it would be the "right thing for the company." Which maybe it is, I dunno.

Anyway, you also have to consider that Joe's not 100% healthy with a legit knee injury. And although the same can be said of Angle, who probably hasn't seen "100%" since 2002, Joe is at least amenable to medical procedures about and beyond unscrewing a child-proof top. Depending on Joe's short-term prognosis, it might just make more sense to go ahead and give Angle the win if he can capitalize on it by continuing to work matches immediately, while Joe continues to recuperate.

By no means will it be one-sided, but simple logic dictates that if Angle's stepping up to the NWA Title picture (and certainly, the last Impact all but cemented that fact), he'll be doing so in a babyface capacity. Which means whatever monkeys are coming up with finishes for TNA these days canNOT make Angle's win too cheap, either. The absolute MOST I would do to "protect" Joe would be to have a 30 minute draw, with Angle winning a hardfought but HONEST decision a few minutes into OT.

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Joe wins.
I really have no idea how this one's going to play out, it could go either way. I do like PSYCHO KILLER Kurt Angle, so I'm pulling for a loss so he can continue the crazy.


X Division Title Match 

Jerry Lynn has been trying to drill respect into young douchebag Chris Sabin, but now he's ended up ticking off the X Division champ in the process. It's been a long while since Jerry's been active in TNA (although he has done some indy shows now and then, so he is as sharp as ever). Lynn promises to make both of these young whippersnappers respect him.

Although you wouldn't be remiss if you wanted to point out that Daniels if pretty much the same age as Lynn. He just didn't have the benefit of being on TV back in 1992 thanks to the GWF on ESPN, so everybody assume he just came out of nowhere about 5 years ago.

The OOutlOOk
Daniels wins: 2 votes   --|--  Sabin wins: 1 vote
Lynn wins: 1 vote

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Daniels wins.
The way iMPACT ended, Iím wondering if theyíre going to have Daniels and AJ feud again. Cocky X-Division champ AJ Styles might be the way TNA wants to go, although thatíll be hard to do with Christian as the Heavyweight champ. Thatís down the line, though. Here, we have Sabin and Lynn trying to take Danielsí belt. I never really watched Lynn in his prime, so Iím not too nostalgic or pumped about seeing him, but heís a good tweener to keep the Sabin/Daniels feud relatively fresh. I wouldnít put it past Russo to give Lynn the belt, but I doubt thatíll happen. No real reason, it just doesnít seem intriguing. Although a loss here might prematurely abort prick Sabin, he can go ahead and be a dick to Sonjay Dutt or something. Daniels pins Lynn after Sabin makes a mental mistake.
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Lynn wins.
Sabin and AJ Styles have simultaneously done something that I find scientifically intriguing. Not only have they both managed to develop personalities over the last 2 months but they've managed to develop the exact SAME personality! Maybe they have been taken over by pod-aliens that telepathically control earthlings to train them for an interstellar cocky-dickface competition. Tom Cruise won last year... ZING~! POW!~ HeyOOOOH! Right then.... The point is, Sabin is a douche and doesn't think that Lynn deserves any respect. In turn Daniels thinks that he too isn't getting respected, but by Lynn, not Sabin. As far as I know Daniels and Sabin don't really give a shit about each other outside of the fact that Sabin wants the X Title from The Fallen Angel. The perfect irony here would be to have Lynn walk away with the belt, thereby forcing the other two to respect him by accident. Haha, suckers.
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... Daniels wins.
I like Sabin too much to see him continue to douche it up... so even though Jerry Lynn is, by a wide margin, the worst actor and deliverer of dialogue in the history of Sports Entertainment, I am attached to the idea of Lynn and Sabin doing a father-son dynamic where Sabin finally quits acting like a petulant 15 year old and realizes pops really does know what he's talking about.

It won't come fast, but that's what I'd like to see happen. The way you move towards that goal is to have Daniels retain the title here with a pinfall over Sabin, due to Sabin doing something retarded that Lynn can later chastise him about. Maybe even have Sabin feign a partnership with Lynn in the latter stages of the match, only to doublecross him, and then to have his doublecross backfire, as it allows Daniels to swoop in and steal the win? I dunno.... something like that. 

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Sabin wins.
For some reason, I could see Sabin doing everything possible to win, while Daniels starts trying to take shortcuts to hold onto the title. Honorable Jerry Lynn won't stand for this and will help Sabin take the title.


Tag Title Match 

The Dudleys came back from a little vacation last fall, claiming to have no immediate interest in the tag team titles, because they felt it was more important to prove themselves to the fans and work their way up the ladder.

Apparently "the ladder" consists of vanquishing low-end jabronis like the Naturals, because after all of one rung, here come the Dudleys, looking for some tag team gold. All it took, really, was for LAX to deliver an absolutely magnificent beat down on their Runt brother a few weeks ago. Following that latest Spike Dudley Classic Ass Whupping, Bubba and D-Von hit the scene, with revenge on their minds.

The OOutlOOk
Dudleys win: 3 votes   --|--  LAX wins: 1 vote

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Dudleys win.
Iím almost afraid that LAX is losing ďheat.Ē And by that I mean that everybody still loves them but management feels itís time to move on. This feud with the Dudleyz came across more quickly than Iíd imagined, and Iím afraid that means the Dudz are getting the straps. But then I remembered last year and how they couldnít win the belts even after 37 title shots and, more importantly, how they made a big deal about getting the belts. None of that beating us over the head this time. Instead, inanity with Brother Runt (who is more and more annoying week in and week out). With Konnan sidelined, LAX could be in trouble without a mouthpiece. Lord knows theyíll never make Hernandez the Closed-Mouth Monster pick up the mic. I donít know K-Doggís timetable. So let me throw this out: Dudleyz win this month and hold the belts until LAX gets a rematch at Lockdown. Why not?
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Dudleys win.
USA. USA. USA. Eh, whatever. After that State of the Union, I'm not feeling too patriotic. The former Dudley Boyz are though. They hate filthy latinos and they beat up their latino managers so that they can disappear for months and months to have kidney and hip surgery. Go america! Fuck yeah! Anyway, with Konnan out of the picture, LAX loses it's driving, although universally annoying, force. I hate to say it, but even though Homicide and Hernandez can bring it in the ring, they may wither without Konnan as their mouthpiece. Maybe they need to take a step back for a while anyway. Let Team 3D add to their legacy, get the NWA Tag belts and defend them for a while against, um... oh FUCK! Where did all the tag teams go???
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... Dudleys win.
The next PPV is the all-steel-cage one, right? And isn't that how LAX won the titles to begin with? If so, then let's just do the easy and obvious thing: the Dudleys win (with an assist from that pesky little Spike), but LAX immediately start stumping for a rematch in their signature match. Or at least: a match they've done well in before.
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... LAX wins.
After the way they built up Team 3D and their crusade to win the tag titles, it would kind of anti-climactic if they won them here without much build-up. Besides, LAX rules, why would we want to change that?


Last Man Standing Match 

Dr. Rhino is none too happy about how AJ Styles tricked him last month and snuck a win. AJ faked an injury, to the point where the trainers were out. He shrugged them off and caught Rhino with a roll-up and the surprise win. Their brawls have continued ever since, as have AJ's attempts to use feigned injuries to lure opponents into lowering their defenses. That happy crappy won't fly on Sunday, however, when Styles will have to answer a 10 count or else lose the match.

The OOutlOOk
Rhino wins: 4 votes   --|--  Styles wins: 0 votes

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Rhino wins.
Donít have much to say, except I think thisíll be a good match. Rhino wonít stay down, and you canít keep AJ from going up, even if his character is trying to keep him less than high-flying. AJ will be hard pressed to continue his ďowie, my knee hurts!Ē trick. I want to pick Rhino, butÖitís Rhino. He never wins! I canít remember the last PPV match he won. Neither guy needs the win, but Rhino beating some sense into AJ balances the card a little bit. Oh where, or where, has my little Gore gone?
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Rhino wins.
Personally, I thought this thing was gonna be a one-shot deal last month, but can't say that I'm disappointed that it's continuing. AJ has proven time and again that he's more than capable of hanging with the heavyweights, and in TNA, Rhino is about as heavy as it gets. It remains to be seen if Styles will try to pull some underhanded dick shit this time around, but in a Last Man Standing match, I can't imagine that it's all that significant if he does. I mean, if AJ fakes an injury, he's down. Count to ten, he's out, Rhino wins. Right? Maybe that's the point and I just FF>>'ed past it. BREAKING NEWS: BOBBY ROODE DOES NOT NEED A NEW FINISHER. If TNA's rubber-match policy is being enforced here, I imagine that Rhino will manage to squeak out a win by powering AJ through the floor to where he won't get up. Then they'll fight in a cage or something at the next PPV.
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... Rhino wins.
Styles is officially "Randy Orton with Moveset." Both guys seem phenomenally (HA!) retarded when they try to speak or convey personality. But both can, nonverbally, give off an adequately bitch-slap-worthy air of "douchebag" when they want. Sadly, it's the inability to speak compellingly that will keep AJ out of the very top level programs in TNA, at least till they find him a mouthpiece.... I mean, "gravitas," people, "gravitas." That's what you need to be taken seriously as a main eventer, and Styles' verbal ability has netted him the same essentially gravitas of a sixth grader flunking English. Or possibly of an average NASCAR driver.

So Styles has been easily "winning" this feud with Rhino so far, but I don't know what you do with him if you advance him here in the blow-off match. Back to the X Division (since he DID have a staredown with Daniels this past week)? If that's all that's in the cards, then you don't really need a win here to "advance" to the secondary division; AJ's X Division resume speaks for itself. Meantime, all Rhino's resume (save for a 3 week period right when he signed his contract extension and TNA was grateful) consists almost exclusively of jobbing his ass off for 12 months.

Give the big man a win, here, fer chrissakes. Get him back on track, and I think he'd even make a great off-month/Impact-free-per-view (2/12 when RAW's pre-empted, anyone?) opponent for Angle. They can both do their Intense Tweener thing, and I think it'd click. But only if fans can take Rhino seriously, which will be a tough sell if he drops a third straight fall to Jeff Gordon's even dimmer-witted-sounded wrestling equivalent.

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Rhino wins.
It wouldn't be my choice, but doesn't Rhino have to win a big match at some point? Hasn't he lost about 47 in a row? What, is he a big Peyton Manning fan or something?


"Mmmmmm, Gail Kim" Match

Storm broke up violently with his America's Most Wanted tag partner, Chris Harris. In the divorce settlement, Storm got the booze, the push, and Gail Kim. Harris got an eyepatch and a raging yeast infection in his brand new gaping vagina. Advantage: Storm.

Williams was forced to break up with his Team Canada mates several months ago, and has sort of become a de facto babyface, because you know how the ImpactZone fans love their workrate. Somehow, this has resulted in Petey being tapped as cannon fodder for Storm's new push. Oh, and maybe they were on opposite sides of a tag match this week on Impact, too.

Yeah, I think that is the reason for this match. I dunno. I also don't care so much as long as there's a chance to ogle the feloniously hot Gail Kim. I mean: Miss Traci, I love you~! Wait, who's writing this thing, anyway? Can you, the Home Viewer, figure it out?

The OOutlOOk
Storm wins: 3 votes   --|--  Petey wins: 1 vote

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Storm wins.
James Storm is a solo heel. Petey Williams loses a lot. Gail Kim and Chris Harris should play a role. Whatís a guy to do? Never put money on a Canadian, thatís what.
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Storm wins.
I'll be damned if Storm isn't becoming an impressive singles performer. I mean, he hasn't really WRESTLED as a singles performer yet, but his character is great. The drunken, ignorant, intimidating hick is always good for a laugh. It was pretty much predetermined that Chris harris would be the guy to benefit the most from AMW's demise, but it looks like they've decided that Storm is the one with the bigger upside for the time being. Petey decided to be friends with AMW before they broke up, and now that Harris is on the shelf with an "eye injury", he's left to defend Gail Kim's honor and try to knock some sense into Storm. I actually kind of like the idea of a Kim/Williams pairing. Petey could use the rub... wink wink. Regardless, Storm will do some unscrupulous nonsense to pull out a win.
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... Petey wins.
There's no immediately obvious reason for this match to be taking place, other than as an Enhancement Showcase for Storm. Let's try to do better than that, though, shall we?

Let's give Petey the win (lord knows he could use one), and have it come after a "shocking" appearance by the estranged Chris Harris, who not only distracts Storm, but also tests Gail Kim's loyalty (not that she seems particularly loyal to Storm to begin with, but he *is* kind of strong-arming her into remaining his manager).

Then you leave the match with Petey still clinging to at least a shred of X Division relevance, while Storm vs. Harris kicks into gear with poor, poor Gail caught in the middle. If stuck with Storm, she'd be pulling off the Miss Elizabeth vibe in a way that ECW/Mike Knox/Kelly Kelly almost completely failed to, despite their best efforts. Then again, it probably helps that Gail is so criminally appealing. Seriously: she should be arrested. She is sexually harassing me at this very moment. I'm just trying to write about her in a PPV preview, and she's going and giving me a raging boner. Minx. I demand justice! I demand compensation! I will settle for another round of topless photos and 15 minutes of Alone Time!

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... 
No Pick.


Kevin Nash presents the PCS Championship Series Final: 
A Very Special 10 Minute Time Limit Match 

After an hilarious month of torturing That Twat Senshi, and putting five other cruisers through such rigorous events such as Urine Testing and Musical Chairs, Kevin Nash's PCS Championship Series has been narrowed down to these two men: Nash's long-time lapdog, Shelley, and Nash's new mancrush, Austin Starr.

The points leaders will face off in a Very Special 10 Minute Challenge. Which is good, since it practically guarantees a no decision, forcing Master Nash to step in and render some kind of a verdict. And there's no such thing as Too Much Nash.

The OOutlOOk
Starr wins: 2 votes
DRAW (Not Even the Judges Can Decide): 1 vote

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Starr wins.
The worst thing about the PCS is that the matches will not live up to the brilliance of some of the skits. Shelley and Starr will finally come to blows, but itíll be in the name of impressing Big Kev. This match has a ten minute time limit and Nash said something about judges-probably meaning just him and a magic 8 ball--so donít expect a pinfall here. Instead, expect the judges to pick Starr and keep Shelley the butt of jokes. Shelley winning on a PPV doesnít make sense, anyway.
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... Starr wins.
So, instead of just building a normal feud between Shelley and Starr, they decided to formulate this "PCS" thing which ended up leading to a Shelley/Starr match anyway. My take: delicious. I've really liked all the goofy PCS stuff. This is the beginnings of a Shelley vs. Starr story line, not the end, and I'm looking forward to further developments. If they wanted to continue the fun, Nash should come out and announce that the already 10 minute match is now an IRON MAN MATCH!!! We're all pretty sure is gonna end in a tie and go to the rumored judges' decisions anyway, so why not? I won't spoil the identities of the judges here (although someone else might) but I think they're funny, and in one case, very appropriate choices. Nash's love affair with Austin Starr will continue, while Shelley will continue to feel like the 3rd, unrequited wheel.
The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... No Decisive Winner Declared.
You HAVE to go to the draw. HAVE to. It's the only way to insure that Nash will be forced to get into the ring to contribute some top shelf hilarity to the evening's proceedings. If Shelley and Starr go to a draw, it'll be up to Nash and a (PLEBIAN-FREE~!) Panel of Judges to determine a winner.

But the judges will be played for comedy, not for Actually Picking a Winner. And anyway: "Hey, why can't we all just get along?" That's Nash's motto, and a damned fine one, at that. I like the dynamic right now with Nash/Shelley/Starr, anyway, and see no need to rush ahead in breaking them up.... so let's say that the No Contest leads to Nash successfully patching things up and declaring them BOTH winners. Which could lead to the other PCS guys coming out and raising a stink, cuz Why Can't They Be Winners, Too? Except maybe for Senshi, who should remain backstage, all by himself, pondering just what a total nozzle he is. 

Shelley and Starr can even be united in their combined desire to beat the crap out of Lethal/Dutt, while Nash watches on. Fans will forget that there never was, technically, a winner announced.

Sets up future tag matches, and if Shelley and Starr prove unstoppable because of Master Nash's omnipresence, it could even.... wait for it.... wait for it... lead to Lethal/Dutt begging Senshi to team with them in six man matches against Nash/Shelley/Starr, which could alone be the inspirado for about a month straight of tremendous Training Vignettes as Nash prepares for his victorious return to the ring.

The match will end with Master Nash pinning Senshi with a boot on the chest. Senshi will never be heard from again. Unless you count "whining on the internets." Which some might. It sure worked wonders for Matt Hardy.

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... 
No Pick.



In addition to those seven announced matches for the PPV, we've got a couple other ideas for stuff to look for on Sunday night...

The OOutlOOk

Cory "borntorun" Harris says... 
Chase Stevens defeats Lance Hoyt in a match that Iíll probably clip my toenails through. VKM, whom I donít really mind, being Billy Gunnís biggest fan, will have some more ďexclusive videoĒ and probably do something to mock HHHís leg injury. Iím guessing a skit where ďheĒ holds people down and tears his quad trying to squash them under a glass ceiling. Should be a decent rip, at least. Iím not expecting much else, though. Some solid wrestling from Joe/Angle, the X-Division match, and Rhino/AJ, perhaps a title change or two, and lots of hype for the next PPV. Your Final Resolution? Watch TNA!
Brad "angstboy" Smoley says... 
On the preshow, Lance Hoyt will face off in a "Not on MY Couch, Harris" match against Chase Stevens. Keep your toenail clippings to yourself, you goof. Perhaps there will be some odd baseball related shenanigans to be had here, but who cares. Not me. Hoyt'll win to make him look good in preparation for the upcoming ESPN cross-over whatever bleh. 

Other garbage: Senshi, Dutt and Lethal have absolutely nothing to do now that the PCS is going to be concluded. Maybe they'll get some face time during Shelley and Starr's match, but I wouldn't BANK ON ITô. Roode, Young and Brooks are also conspicuous by their absence. So something will definitely pop up between the 3 of them. Maybe Eric's boner. I wish I were kidding. And as much as I want to avoid it, VKM has promised to be in the house with another riveting promo about how WWE and DX are lame and etcetera, etcetera. Sharkboy will be seen in the back crying in his fish tank, but will anyone notice?

The Sensational Vicodin Boy says... 
Something will happen with Eric Young and Miss Traci.

Something else will happen with Billy Gunn and Road Dogg.

One will be borderline tolerable, depending on Traci's outfit. The other will render VKM an even more laughable pair of hypocritical bungwads.

Also, I predict that for the 231st consecutive week, Don West will suck mightily. But it shall be Jeremy Borash who swallows.

Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... 
All I know at this point is that I'll be getting back to the ATL a couple of hours before the PPV on Sunday, I'll be exhausted after drinking lots of free beers, and I'll have to watch both the PPV and the season debut of 24 before I can sleep. This recap on Monday could be interesting...


See you Monday with full results and recapping from the Final Resolution PPV!


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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