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Against All Odds 2007
February 11, 2007

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Hola ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Against All Odds.

The preshow kicks off with Joe and Angle arriving at the arena. Joe lets us know that it's signed, when Angle wins tonight, Joe will get a title shot at Destination X. My question, what happens if Christian wins? Does Joe still get his title shot?

Video packages for Christian/Angle and AJ/Rhino are up next.

Cornette informs Christy that her match tonight is a tuxedo match. You have to strip the tux off of your opponent to win, Christy is not amused.

Serotonin v. Lethal/Dutt is your preshow match of the night. It's Kazarian and Devine tonight, Matt's on the outside. Serotonin beat the ever loving crap out of Lethal to start things off, until Dutt finally gets the hot tag. Dutt Ultimate Warriors-up before nailing both guys with a Lionsault. Lethal comes flying in out of nowhere to kill Devine with a basement dropkick, then takes him out with a suicide dive. The Maverick one comes in while the ref is distracted, superkicking Dutt to give Kazarian the win.

Post match, Raven comes down the ramp in his pimp white suit. I guess he got it back from AJ, I hope it was dry cleaned at least. Serotonin got the win, but Raven blasts each of them once anyway. Raven grins, and leaves. Tenay tries to make sense of it all, but doesn't have much luck.

Borash is backstage following Alex Shelley around, and he says he shot the footage of Eric Young and Ms. Brooks. They go into the bathroom, or Kevin Nash's office. Shelley tells Nash that he has the footage, but Kev is a little disappointed that it isn't a snuff film. Nash says he'll go get all the boys together for the viewing. Bob Backlund comes out of one of the stalls, yelling about “pernography”.

Video package of the Sting/Abyss ridiculousness is up next, I leave the room yelling, “Sting is a jerk!” Borash follows up backstage with Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell says he's done good things for Abyss, he made him a winner and a success. Sting revealed Abyss' secret (Abyss freaks out screaming). Mitchell says he hopes Sting sends Abyss an Easter basket, that would be more than what's he done for him already. Mitchell then starts yelling at Abyss, calling him a moron and saying he can't do things on his own.

They come back with girls dancing in cages, and my roommate starts screaming about the old days of TNA. It's all because of the Little Italy Street Fight. I remind him that he can thank Brother Ray for the girls, and he's a little less excited. Just a little though...

Next up is Steiner and Tomko pulling up to the arena in a pick up truck. Steiner is screaming at Tomko. He then tells Leticia to kiss his bicep, says he's an American hero, calls Tomko a dumb redneck, and leaves screaming that “He's hungry.” GREATEST SEGMENT EVER!!!

Ray and Devon come out to interrupt Don West, taking the mic from his and calling LAX out. Cue up the video package for the entire show and away we go...

Onto the PPV proper...

The intro video is Christian telling us about Instant Classics. He says he's better than sliced bread and champion of the universe. Different, but very good.

Hello So Cal Val's legs...


Don West is screaming already, I don't know how is voice will hold up. Konnan is wheeled out to watch. LAX comes out from under the ring to attack. Hernandez swings one of the Italian restaurant tables at Devon. Homicide kills Ray with a suicide dive through the ropes. Hernandez goes for his big dive over the top, but Devon swings and connects with a steel chair to Hernandez's head. Ray back body drops Homicide against the ring. Ray catches Homicide on a dive, and hits a fallaway slam on the ramp. Devon suplexes Hernandez on the other ramp. Ray takes some time to get a lap dance, but Homicide interrupts. The stripper wasn't even paying attention while she was doing her thing, that's commitment. LAX double teams Devon while Ray is down. LAX hits a sweet double team move on Devon for a two count. Ray pulls Hernandez out of the ring. Homicide blasts Devon with a trash can. A pizza cutter is brought into the match by Homicide, and he slices Devon above the eyes. Ray gets the cheese grater and we have a KITCHEN UTENSIL FACEOFF. Ray wins, and he grates Homicides forehead. The Kitchen Crew comes running out to help LAX. Tenay tells us that it's members of the Latino Nation. Team 3D finally dispatches everyone and Devon hits the WAZZUUPP headbutt. The crowd asks for furniture, and Devon goes to get some. Devon goes up for another headbutt on Hernandez, but he takes out the Kitchen Crew again. Homicide blasts Ray with the trash can lid. Hernandez slams Ray through the table, Homicide hits an elbow drop, but Ray kicks out at 2.99. Devon hits the Saving Grace on Homicide, but he kicks out at 2.999. The Kitchen Crew makes another comeback to stop Devon. Hernandez Border Tosses Devon off the top, Homicide piles on, and LAX gets the win.

Borash is backstage with Austin Starr, who'll be taking on Senshi tonight. Starr says he's the most complete wrestler in TNA. He says Nash sidetracked him with shenanigans. Bob Backlund keeps walking back and forth behind Starr and Borash. He threatens Backlund at the end, and Backlund uses a lot of big words (some real, some not) to respond. I'm hoping there's a Crossface Chicken Wing in someone's future.


They trade punches to start. Senshi hits hits Angry Man Elbow Drop for a two count. Starr dances, but eats a chop for another two count. Tenay and West talk about Starr is easily distracted. Starr hits a prancing suicide dive on Senshi, knocking him into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Starr hits a couple of sweet moves for a two count. Starr gets a wicked back rake on Senshi in the corner. Starr wraps Senshi in the ropes, locking in a dragon sleeper of sorts with his leg. Senshi comes back, but Starr slaps the ever loving crap out of him in the chest. Ridiculous pendulum elbow is up next, but Senshi avoids it. Starr hits a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Nice. Starr slaps Senshi in the corner. Was that Lance Bass in the front row? Senshi hits an extremely angry clothesline, followed by a series of kicks. Senshi warriors-up. Don West says Senshi is going to use his feet as extensions of his body. Good one Don, remind me to sign you up for an anatomy class. Senshi continues the assault with a springboard spinning kick. They each block suplexes, but Senshi rolls through with a heel kick. Starr tries to lock in a Crossface Chicken Wing, but Senshi fights out. Senshi's basement dropkick brings him back, but he misses with the Warrior's Way. They trade roll-ups, Senshi finally gets control, and he gets the controversial win.

Starr freaks out after the match, throwing chairs into the ring. It looked like his shoulder was up before the three count. Starr grabs a mic and continues his hissy fit. Starr says he'll throw every chair in the building into the ring. He demands that the match be restarted. Bob Backlund comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. They start yelling at each other. Backlund freaks out, yelling like a lunatic. Starr slaps him, and Backlund freaks out even more. CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING, CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING! Backlund keeps the hold on, dragging Starr out of the building.

Borash is backstage with Christian and Tomko. Tomko is complaining about Steiner, Steiner shows up to say the deal's off because he's not working with Tomko anymore. Steiner tells Tomko to clean his glasses. Christian tries to get everyone back on the same page, saying that this is all about Kurt Angle. He says that Angle took money from Steiner's table by stealing his spot. Steiner says he's about had enough, and he wants a piece of Christian as much as he wants Angle. He leaves, and Christian tells Tomko to go fix everything.

A video recap of the Christy Hemme situation is up next.


Christy does not look pleased about this gimmick. They replay Cornette from the preshow, explaining the gimmick match to Christy. ??? is Big Fat Oily Guy. Christy looks even less pleased. Don West says he's pulling for the fat guy, because he doesn't want to see him naked again. No more recapping, I can't take it anymore. Don West says something about marmalade, and I vomit. Profusely. Christy wins, and I vomit again.

Christy is pissed, and she grabs a mic. Here comes VKM, well it's just Kip. He talks trash about women, but he's the one with his shirt tied up above his belly button. Kip says that the people didn't come to see her match. He acts like he's going to strip, but then he rips her shirt off. Tenay and West are happy about everything. Don wonders if it's all worth it for Christy.

We go to the viewing party for Paparazzi Productions. It starts out with Ms. Brooks in the hotel room on the phone. We get the To Be Continued cliffhanger when there's a knock on the door...

Video recap to set up Basebrawl II is up next.


Torborg breaks a Lance Hoyt action figure on his way down the ramp. AJ makes fun of Eckstein's grittiness. Hoyt scores early with a clothesline. AJ hits Hoyt in the balls from behind on the floor. Eckstein stays on the other side of the ring, because he's a sissy. Where's limp-wristed Johnny Damon to save the day? Dale Torborg is trained in the classic heel tactics, he rakes the eyes. Hoyt nearly kills himself by doing a springboard spinning clothesline, but recovers barely to graze Torborg. AJ blasts Hoyt with a chair, knocking him off the top rope for the win.

Eckstein cries about it to the ref instead of doing something about it. The ref restarts the match. Eckstein gets a chair from his brother and hits Torborg in the back. Hoyt slams Torborg and he gets the win this time. Eckstein and AJ face off with chairs in the middle of the ring. We're not done with this, not by a long shot.

Back to the viewing party, with Nash asking questions about the first installment. Shelley hides in the closet when Eric arrives. Ms. Brooks gives Young the sweet tongue, thanking him for the gifts he brought. Fake flowers and “Get-R-Done” chocolates. She rips off his shirt. She then says this is her first time, too. She says that he has to sign the deal to seal the deal. We get a To Be Continued when he grabs a pen...

Video recap of Rhino/AJ to set up the Motor City Chain match.


The crowd is fully behind Rhino in this one. Rhino wins the tug-o-war early, pulling AJ in, but AJ ducks a clothesline. AJ runs around the ring, trying to get the handcuffs off. AJ's shenanigans finally pay off and he takes control of the match. They brawl on the outside. The chain gets wrapped around the ringpost, and Rhino slams AJ into the post. Rhino flips AJ with the chain between his legs and hits a legdrop. Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex and sets up for the Gore. AJ blocks it with a basement dropkick. AJ remembers heel lesson #35 and wraps the chain around his fist. He then starts choking Rhino with the chain. AJ clotheslines him with the chain. AJ has the hoodrat head shake down pat as he talks trash to the crowd. Rhino yanks him down from the top rope, but AJ kicks him back down. AJ hits the Angry Man Springboard Forearm Smash for a two count. I think AJ's been studying all of the classic heel playbook, he's getting pretty good with the taunts. AJ goes up for the key again, but Rhino yanks him off into an Atomic Drop of sorts. Rhino hits a shoulderblock and back elbow. Shoulderblock in the corner is followed up with a spinebuster. Rhino goes up for his weapon, which is a nightstick. AJ comes back by racking Rhino with the chain. Don West keeps talking about grinding the chain on a man's balls and it upsets me. AJ chokes Rhino with the nightstick. AJ blasts Rhino with the stick a couple of times, and he finally gets the key to unlock himself. He hits a sweet frog splash off the top on Rhino. AJ leaves the ring and starts up the ramp, but he changes his mind and goes back. He wraps Rhino in the ropes, locking the handcuffs on the ropes. AJ taunts Rhino with the key, and then hits a nasty spin kick. He gets too close though, and Rhino hits a desperation Gore. Hebner nonchalantly kicks the key over to Rhino, while the crowd chants “You Screwed AJ”. Rhino hits a big spinebuster and pulls out a table. AJ avoids the smash through the table, but gets suplexed down again. Rhino goes for the Gore through the table, but AJ avoids it and gets the pin. Doesn't that always happen to Rhino?

Back to Act III of the Paparazzi Productions documentary. Ms. Brooks takes off her jacket when Eric says he won't sign the contract. He finally does it, and she tells him to close his eyes because she's got a surprise for him. She leaves with the contract and runs into Robert Roode around the corner.

Kevin Nash says he has more game than Young when he was an embryo. Backlund shows up yelling about the “pernography”. He says it's his onus to stop all of this.


I miss the “Born in the USA” music Lynn used to come out to. Tenay says, “Who turned the lights out?!” Eh, is he having flashbacks? Sabin's little pistol shooting taunt is extremely obnoxious. Slick Johnson still needs pants. Lynn comes out with a fast pace, and Sabin begs off. Sabin begs off again when he can't handle Lynn's cagey veteran ways. Lynn is constantly a step ahead of Sabin in the early going. Jerry has won the crowd over. Sabin grins at the camera while he has a headlock, but Lynn tries to fight out. Sabin has learned some new douche-tastic maneuvers, I'm impressed. Sabin goes for a springboard splash onto Lynn, but Jerry moves out of the way with his Hailing the Cab move (that's what Tenay called it). He just walked away, that's all Mike. Sabin takes control when they're back in the ring. Sabin hits a backbreaker and starts to work over Lynn's back. Jerry did have a back injury that kept him from the ring for a few years, this makes sense. Sabin rakes Lynn's back when he's in an inverted Tree of Woe, then hits a dropkick to the back. Sabin stands on Lynn's back and mocks the crowd clapping for Jerry. Excellent! Sabin is using a wide variety of backbreakers to wear Lynn down. Old school type of match, with Sabin consistently working over Lynn's back. Sabin mocks the crowd some more, by slapping Jerry's hand when the crowd tries to clap for him. Sabin hits a back elbow smash in the corner. Sabin grinds some spit into Lynn's face in the corner in a new move. Jerry tries to Lynn-up, and he starts blasting him with punches. You don't rub spit into Lynn's face! Sabin comes back with a nasty spin kick, but Jerry fights back with a sweet hurricanrana off the top rope for a two count. Sabin hits a Stunner type move, dropping Lynn's neck on the top rope. Shining Wizard is follwed by a spinning powerbomb by Sabin for a 2.9 count. Sabin sets up for the Cradle Shock, but Lynn gets a roll-up for a 2 count. Lynn hits a TKO for another two count. Sabin tries to avoid the cradle piledriver, but Lynn gets it set up. The back is too weak to pull it off though. Sabin sits down on a roll-up attempt and grabs the ropes to get the win.

Sabin grins on the ramp and Lynn looks very disappointed. They finally hype the special tomorrow. They show Joe leaving Angle's dressing room.

Robert Roode's music hits and he comes down with Ms. Brooks to gloat about Eric Young signing the contract. Poor Eric comes out and he's very sad. Roode talks trash to Eric, which makes sense now that he represents him. Roode calls him a moron, idiot, and says he'll never be successful. Young grabs the mic, and Roode continues the trash talking. Roode takes the mic back and says Eric shouldn't speak unless he's spoken to. Roode calls the fans “imbulcils”. Roode says Eric has to do what he's told, or he won't be able to wrestle ever again. I'll have more to say about this after the show...

Borash is backstage with Christian and Tomko. Tomko leaves after Christian asks him if everything is okay. Christian says everybody's trying to make something out of nothing. Christian calls Angle Dr. Evil, nice one. Cornette interrupts Christian's catchphrase to remind him that the title does change hands on a DQ in TNA.

A video recap of the Storm/Ms. Tennessee/Gail Kim/Petey situation leads us into that match.


They give Miss Tennessee a name, now she's “the pride of Tennessee” Jackie Moore. Storm's music is pure greatness, it sounds like a Jackyl outtake. Tenay says that Petey has become a man in the last few months, Petey should go and beat Tenay's ass. Petey gets control early, so Storm tags in Jackie. Petey hits an Atomic Drop on Jackie. Gail gets the tag, she hits the old school hair toss move. Jackie goes to beg off, but Gail slams her head into Storm's balls. Ouch. Petey attacks Storm on the outside with chops. They head back to the ring. Jackie hits Petey in the back and Storm decks him. Storm hits a sweet double underhook slam for a two count. Storm talks trash to somebody in the crowd, calling them “fat boy”. Ric Flair is furious. Petey fights out of the chinlock, but Storm nails him with a dropkick. The nonchalant cover only gets a two count. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm, and Jackie tags in to drop an elbow. Petey hits a backdrop suplex on Jackie and I think we might have a wardrobe malfunction. Storm comes back and Petey continues the assault. Petey hits the Side Canadian Legsweep. He calls for the Destroyer, but Jackie breaks it up. Gail tags in and she hits a headscissors. Don West talks about her martial arts background, because the headscissors is such a martial arts move, isn't it? Gail gets knocked into Storm and Jackie gets the pin.

Storm and Jackie leave Petey and Gail lying. Storm brought the beer bottle into the ring, but Petey hits a neckbreaker. Jackie distracts him and Storm nails him with a superkick. Jackie then DDT's referee Rudy Charles. Awesome! They set up the Death Sentence, but Chris Harris makes his big return! Storm runs like a bitch! Harris is rocking the pirate eye patch.

The video recap of Abyss/Sting is up next, and I leave the room yelling, “Sting is an ass!” again. My only hope is that either Abyss' dad shows up in a mask or it's revealed that Sting and Mitchell have been in cahoots all along.

Sting is still wearing Abyss' mask for his backstage interview with Borash. He says he's been wearing Abyss' mask for the last ten days. I bet his wife and kids love that.


This is utterly bizarre. They're introduced into the arena, but the match starts outside, so they have to walk to the outside. Sting goes into the ring, yells, then goes outside. They brawl to start. Sting slams Abyss into the side of the dumpster. Abyss press slams Sting into the dumpster and starts rearranging the furniture. Sting blasts Abyss with a big piece of ceiling tile. Sting hits a splash off the top of the dumpster to put Abyss through a table. Mike Tenay squeals like a little girl at a Menudo concert. They start brawling towards the ring. You win the match by locking your opponent in the cage. Sting slams Abyss into the barbed wire, and then pulls out a barbed wire baseball bat. Cactus Jack breaks his TV at home. Sting pokes Abyss with the bat a few times instead of hitting him with the barbed wire. Sting calls for the cage to be lowered. A fan has a “Sting is a Bully” sign, THANK YOU! Sting knocks Mitchell off the apron, and then takes his belt off. He then punches Mitchell with the buckle wrapped around his fist. He whips Mitchell on the outside. What a good and honorable man, attacking the guy not in the match like that. Sting is such a jerk. Abyss's arm is busted open, but he makes the save for Mitchell. Mitchell is now busted open. Sting is able to block being tossed into the cage. Abyss busts the siren on the ringpost over Sting's head to draw a “Holy Shit” chant. Abyss tosses Sting in the cage, but Sting blocks the door being shut. Abyss beats him down some more, and then goes for a barbed wire board. Don West makes no sense for a 34th time tonight, saying something about them having every type of barbed wire you could have in a prison. Sting makes a comeback, but eats a Black Hole Slam. Abyss takes his mask back, YES! Sting blocks the door being shut again, this time by wedging his arm between the door. Sting slams the door into Abyss' face and hits some Stinger Splashes. He hits the Scorpion Death Drop and plays to the crowd. He tosses Abyss into the cage, but Mitchell makes the save. Sting puts Mitchell in the Scorpion Death Lock, but Abyss breaks it up. Abyss puts Sting on the table. Abyss climbs up the cage, but Sting recovers. He puts the barbed wire board on top of the table and ends up powerbombing Abyss through the table. Sting dumps Abyss into the cage and locks the door to win.

Mitchell tries to get up, but Sting grabs him and puts in a combo Scorpion/choke hold. Security comes out to get Sting off of Mitchell.

Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle. Borash says he's never seen Angle this focused. Angle says he's had to get past other people who have proven themselves in TNA. He guarantees that he will walk out with the title tonight. He says Christian's a great champion, but he won't be good enough tonight.


What's up with Tomko wearing a sports coat and a tank top? Steiner does not come down with Christian. Borash does the super special main event ring introductions. The ref sends Tomko from ringside, he sends him to the back. They lock up, with Angle getting the better of it. Angle drops Christian and starts out-wrestling him. Christian gets to the ropes to break it. Joe's music hits and he comes down with a chair. Eh? I guess the “unofficial enforcer” tag allows you to come out after the match starts and sit down at ringside in your own chair. Angle stomps Christian in the corner. Christian comes back with chops, but Angle reverses it with a fireman's carry. Angle locks in a quick Ankle Lock, but Christian gets to the ropes. Angle kicks Christian into the guardrail and they brawl on the outside. Don West finally brings up Scott Steiner's wrestling background and why he'd be a good consultant for Christian. Angle slams Christian back first into the ringpost. Angle is in total control thus far. Back body drop by Angle, followed by a shoulderbreaker. Angle gets two quick two counts. Christian finally dodges an Angle charge and takes control. Joe yells at Angle on the outside while he's down, trying to “provide inspiration” as Tenay says. Christian hits a snapmare and kick to the back. Christian locks in the rear chinlock, but Angle hip tosses Christian off. Angle misses another charge and crashes to the floor. Christian rolls Angle back in and slaps him. Christian goes for a diving headbutt, but Angle avoids it. Angle takes control with a European uppercut. Angle tosses Christian across the ring and gets another two count. A backdrop suplex is followed by an Angle Slam attempt. Christian avoids it and goes for the Unprettier, but Angle locks in the Ankle Lock. Christian climbs up the referee to get to the ropes. While the ref is down, Christian hits Angle in the balls and hits the Unprettier. Angle kicks out at 2.9. Christian stands on Angle's back with his neck across the middle rope. Christian slams Angle down and does a Steiner elbow drop, followed by some push-ups. Nice touch. Angle avoids another scoop slam and catapults Christian into the corner. Christian comes back with an elbow, but Angle climbs the turnbuckle to toss Christian across the ring. Both men are down. Angle starts with the German suplexes, eventually hitting SEVEN in a row. Christian kicks out at 2.9. AJ Styles comes running out in street clothes and climbs to the rop. Samoa Joe chases him off. Christian decks Angle with a chair, according to Don West. We didn't see it. Christian hits the frog splash, but Angle kicks out at 2.99. Unprettier #2 is met with another kick-out at 2.999. Joe is back, asking for Christian to come out after him. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock, but Christian rolls him through into the ref. The ref crashes to the outside, as Joe tries to revive him. Angle hits the Olympic Slam in the ring, but the ref is out. Joe dumps the ref back in, but Christian kicks out at 2.9999 (actually about 8 according to the fans). Christian hits the deep eye rake, but the ref gets hit again. Tomko shows up to slam Joe into the ringsteps. Angle starts German suplexing Tomko all over the place. Steiner shows up, but Angle is able to get rid of him. Joe gets in the ring and talks to Angle. Joe then hits a suicide dive, taking both Tomko and Steiner out. Christian dumps Angle in the ring while Joe brawls with Tomko and Steiner. Christian mocks lowering the straps like Angle and then goes for the Olympic Slam. Angle reverses it into an Ankle Lock. Christian taps, but the ref is still out. Christian grabs the lead pipe that Steiner left and hits Angle in the shoulder with it. Christian revives the ref and hits Unprettier #3 for the win.

Tomko and Steiner come down to celebrate with Christian. Of course, Steiner drops the belt first, but oh well. The back of Steiner's head is busted open. And that's how we end it...


Good match on the preshow, I would've much rather seen that once get some more time on the PPV itself. I'm sure they could've dumped the Robert Roode stuff or Christy match to the preshow, couldn't they?

Were those the same cages they used to use at the Asylum in Nashville for the dancing girls? I think so...

So Sting bullies Abyss, now Mitchell is starting to join in on it. When is Abyss just going to snap and kick everyone's ass? There's still some potential for goodness in this angle, but I have very little hope of it being found.

Steiner's arrival with Tomko was absolutely excellent, I'm so glad to see him back. He's is the greatness.

Fun opening match, although I'm starting to wonder who Team 3D pissed off to keep losing all the time.

What's the deal with Latino Nation (a.k.a. The Kitchen Crew)? Are we going to see an lWo again?

Starr v. Senshi was quite good.

Bob Backlund breaking out the CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING was one of my highlights of the night.

Scott Steiner was greatness again in the backstage segment with Christian and Tomko. “Clean my glasses... bitch.”

Big Fat Oily Guy as Christy's opponent was absolutely ridiculous. Let me get all of this straight. Kip James acts like an ass and totally disrespects Christy. Cornette listens to Christy and gives her a match on the PPV to allow her to make her point about women having a place in TNA. Then, he books her into the tuxedo match and makes Big Fat Oily Guy her opponent. On top of that, Tenay and West play into it as well. Do they just not want ANY women to watch their product? There was absolutely no point to any of it otherwise.

Oh joy, Eckstein v. Pierzynski isn't done yet. Maybe they can have a home run derby at the next PPV, playing whiffle ball or something.

The Paparazzi video was very disappointing. This was another storyline where the woman involved is just made to look like a dumbass. So Roode treats Ms. Brooks like crap, blames her for all of his mistakes and losses, but she still does everything he wants.

Onto the rest of it, the story just makes no sense. Roode wants Young to sign with his company because of his popularity. You think he'd do everything to make sure Young stays popular after he signs him, right? That's what any agent in his right mind would do, right? Not Robert Roode, he just rips Young in front of the fans, calling them all stupid. Yet, he tells us that he understands business. He basically signed a guy who's popular, someone who could sell shirts and make Robert Roode Enterprises some money, but he signed him to be his errand boy. Real intelligent...

I liked the AJ/Rhino match, even though everyone else here didn't. It was a little too slow and couldn've used some more violence, but I think it was fine for its place on the card. If it had been one of the main events, then yes, it was absolutely a disappointment. As it was, it was only a midcard match that got about fifteen minutes. It was fine.

Poor, poor, Rhino. He just can't win a big match, can he? I would say he's like Peyton Manning, but he finally did win the big one (bastard). Rhino is the Dan Marino of TNA. How's that?

Bob Backlund tried to challenge Scott Steiner as the craziest guy in TNA, and came pretty close tonight. His ranting about “pernography” was awesome. Might we actually get a Starr v. Backlund match?

Very solid match with Lynn and Sabin, very old school. It's amazing how far Sabin has come in the personality department in the last few months. He's a very good heel now. Lynn showed he's still got it, although he could use a big win here at some point if he wants to continue being taken seriously.

Drunken James Storm is still high on my list of TNA favorites. Impressive return for Chris Harris, he got quite a pop when he came out to stop the Death Sentence. There might actually be some money in a Storm v. Harris match now.

I still hate the angle, and I don't like the way the match ended, but the Prison Yard match was actually quite good. Sting can still deliver in the ring and I've always felt like Abyss was underrated.

I'm still hoping the end result is a more “human” Abyss at the end of all this nonsense. Can he turn on Mitchell already?

Very, very good main event, even with all the shenanigans. Christian and Angle are just simply very good at what they do. I do like how the Christian Coalition is coming along, I really hope this keeps developing.

All in all, it was a very solid show tonight. It wasn't the best TNA PPV I've ever seen, but it definitely did not suck. It was missing a little something in the high-flying department tonight, even the X Division stuff was toned down. It wasn't bad, but a little bit more of a grounded style. I'm sure some people loved the change. They covered the tradtional match very well, had a couple of good hardcore styled matches, but didn't have a typical cruiserweight/X Division style high-flying match. I think the show could've benefited from the variety.

We'll see what Vinny Ru has in store for us on Impact this week. Don't forget THIS IS TNA on Spike TV tomorrow night and Impact on Thursday. I'll see you guys later this week with the Impact recap. Until then...


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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