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A Cast of... well, Several...
February 20, 2004

by Big Danny T.
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


5 minutes out bumper: At No Way Out, Lives were changed forever. Who will return to Smackdown the WWE Champion? Brock Lesnar or Eddie Guerrero? Also, who won the #1 contendership? In case you’ve been living in a hole with no Internet access since Sunday, stay tuned and you’ll find out!

WWE leader. “Eddie Guerrero is CHAMPION!!”

We fade in on Paul Heyman and he regrets to inform us that because of Brock Lesnar’s short temper, Brock has been told to stay at home for the night. Paul extends Congratulations to Eddie attaining the impossible dream, but wonders how long Eddie will retain the title, because tonight, Eddie will be defending his Title against the new cruiserweight champion, Chavo Guerrero. Oh yes, and there will be a special guest referee.

Opening, Pyro, and we are live from Fresno State University and Kurt Angle is out to kick things off. Kurt is all smiles as he makes his way to the ring. Kurt asks us if we are ready to party? The crowd answers affirmative and Kurt says that’s good because tonight we are celebrating the new WWE champion, Eddie Guerrero! Kurt says he always knew that Eddie had what it took to win, and that it’ll be an honor and a privilege to face Eddie at Wrestlemania. Kurt leads the crowd in 3 cheers for Eddie, and John Cena takes this moment to make his entrance. His knee is braced, but he’s all smiles, too. He makes fun of Kurt’s whitebread props to Eddie and leads the crowd in a chant of “Latino” on one side, and “Heat” on the other. He asks Fresno to make some noise. He congratulates Kurt for winning the #1 contendership, but notes that the crowd thinks that “Eddie is gonna kick yo ass!” Kurt comes back with, “How about I kick your MC Hammer ass right now?” Cena says lets go and they get in each other’s face, but are interrupted by Paul Heyman. Paul says he doesn’t want to see Kurt Angle vs. John Cena. He wants to see Kurt Angle AND John Cena, as a tag team. He is going to put them up against a team that’s pissed off at what happened to their manager Shaniqua at No Way Out. He makes the match: Kurt and John vs. the Bashams. And we are out to commercials.

Eddie shills Stacker 2. I chuckle.

Back, and apparently, the match starts NOW as The Bashams are making their way to the ring. Kurt and Danny start. Kurt takes him right down and mat wrestles him down. Danny makes the ropes. Back up, and they trade go-behinds; Kurt gets a fireman’s carry takedown into a side headlock. Kurt with a shoulder block, Danny comes back with a knee to the gut. Kurt answers with a big clothesline, wristlock, and tag to Cena. Cena takes the wristlock and beats Danny down. Doug tagged in, and Cena gets a spinebuster to start. Cover gets 2. Both men up, and Doug punches John off. Kurt charges in and gets whipped off the ropes and he runs Cena over. Kurt disposes of Doug as Cena jumps in the ring and a shoving match ensues. As John goes “What the Fuck?,” we head to commercial.

Back and Danny is working on Cena’s injured knee. Cena punches his way out and tries for a tag, but Danny drags him away. Tag to Doug and he works on John’s knee as well. John makes the ropes. Danny choking Cena out in the corner, and then wrapping his bad knee around the ring rope. Cena gets a clothesline, but it isn’t enough. Tag to Doug, who works on Cena’s bum knee some more. Tag back to Danny who gets a couple knee breakers and locks in a half-Boston Crab. Cena makes the ropes. Danny tries to brawl John down, but John gets a DDT. Cena with the slow crawl and tag to Kurt. Kurt in and he’s a ball o far! Kurt with the clotheslines and back body drops. Kurt turns around into a clothesline, tho. Danny attempting to powerbomb Kurt, but Kurt gets out, hits the angle slam and locks in the ankle lock. Danny sells for a second, but turns over and kicks Kurt off. As Kurt goes flying through the ropes, Cena gets a tag and rushes in with the FU. 1-2-3 and Cena gets the pin. Kurt is a bit put off by the fact that John got the pin, but is able to get up and congratulate him.

We segue into a photo set of Chavo winning the Cruiserweight title at No Way Out. Quick graphic of Chavo and Eddie for the title bout tonight, and were off to commercials.

You know, looking at that guy in the Hardees commercial, I get the feeling that he’s never had anything that’s ‘little’ or ‘thin.’

This weeks Wrestlemania recall is Roddy Piper getting smoke blown in his face by Morton Downey, and his subsequent extinguishing of said smoke via CO2 extinguisher to Mort’s face.

Paul is talking to CRZ on the phone when Dawn comes in and says that Rey Mysterio wants to talk to Paul. Paul jumps to conclusions that Rey is here to bitch, but Rey appears and says that all he wants is a rematch. Paul respects that, and says that since Chavo is facing Eddie tonight, if he wins, then Rey will be able to face Chavo for not only the Cruiserweight title, but the heavyweight title as well. Rey can dig it, and Paul gives him the rest of the night off.

Out to the ring, and we get a ticker tape parade for Eddie Guerrero. Tazz apparently chokes on a balloon as Eddie struts around and soaks in the cheers. After a few minutes, Eddie gets a big pyro blast and you can’t stop this party, so we go to commercial.

Back, and Eddie is still running off the energy of the crowd. He gives us an Orale, and that just leads to more cheering. He is proud to stand in that ring and say that he is the WWE Champion. After more “Eddie!” chanting, he corrects himself and says that WE * pointing to the crowd * are the WWE champion. He says thank you to those that supported him, and tells off the people that detracted him. He says that he’s ready to party, but the party gets spoiled by the entrance of Chavo (W/ Chavo Sr.) Eddie asks Chavo what he wants. Crowd chants “Chavo Sucks!” Chavo responds with, “No YOU suck!” Chavo says that while he was winning the Cruiserweight title, the attention was still focused on Eddie. Chavo whines about where his balloons are, where his confetti is, where his pyro is. Eddie offers Chavo a balloon, which Chavo knocks away. Chavo tells Eddie to save his time with the title, because tonight, he’s going to have it taken from him. Eddie says that all Chavo is going to take is an ass whipping. Chavo smirks and says that he knows who the special guest referee is. It’s someone that’s fair, someone that’s biased, someone that will call the match right down the middle. Wow! WWE hired Bill Alphonso! Oh wait, no, the Special Guest Ref is Chavo Sr. Eddie gives us an “it figures” and we head to commercials.

Up Next: Big Show defends his title against Hardcore Holley.

Wrestlemania is in 24 days (23 by the time you read this).

Weeeellll! It’s a title defense as Big Show makes his way to the ring. Hardcore Holley sprints to the ring and begins the beat down. He gets a flurry of offense but Big Show is still Big Show and the no-selling commences. Holley lashes out Big Show’s knee and works it a couple times for a hope spot or two, but Big Show gets the Choke Slam and that’s it. Big Show has hardly hoisted his title when John Cena interrupts and reminds him that Big Show has never beaten Cena one-on-one, and that at Wrestlemania, Show will go from being the worlds biggest athlete, to the worlds Biggest Bitch! Big Show accepts, and John says “Good” We get the “Rhyme Along with John” word of the night (“Fuck!”) and…

Backstage, Josh is excited that Brock Lesnar has arrived at the arena. He says about 3 times that Brock Lesnar is loose in the building, and we go to commercial.

Back, and we go over how Bill Goldberg helped Brock lose the title at No Way Out.

Out to the ring, and here comes the pain. Brock looks rather dejected. He gives us Dante’s Lament (“I’m not even supposed to be here tonight”) and he mopes about how the title was everything to him, and that Eddie doesn’t appreciate the title like he did. He proclaims that he was the greatest champion of all time, and Eddie simply capitalized on Goldberg’s interference. He warns Eddie that his time will come soon enough, but first, he is turning his attention to Bill Goldberg. He entreats Vince McMahon (on his knees, no less) to make a match between he and Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. He composes himself and exits.

Backstage, Los Chavitos (Sr. has the Smackdown refs shirt on) and they psyche themselves up for their upcoming match. They share a manly hug and it’s off to commercials.

That Jet Li videogame commercial is pretty awesome, anyone know if the game matches up?

Back from commercials, and it’s cheesecake time with Sable and Torrie. Some barely coherent goob blathers on about how two chicks together are hot. This segues to us reliving Kane’s moment on Raw where he got rained on.

Backstage, and Paul happens upon Chavo Sr. prone body. Kurt rants about how all these people getting laid out is becoming an epidemic. Paul apparently gives Kurt a ‘look’ and Kurt protests that anyone could be next, even Paul, and storms off.

Back, and Paul catches up to Kurt. He’s been thinking about what Kurt said, and long story short, he makes Kurt the special guest ref.

Out in the arena, Chavo is out first, and Kurt follows. Eddie makes his low rider entrance.

Kurt holds the title up, Eddie takes it back, tosses it to Chavo, and lays him out. Eddie with the beatdown, a suplex or two, and they brawl in the corner. Chavo gets the better of the punch out and charges Eddie in the corner. BIG back body drop sets Eddie on the defensive. Greco Roman Eyepoke turns it back to Eddie’s favor. Eddie chokes Chavo out and leads him around so that Kurt can’t see. Eddie put Chavo into the corner, throws a few more punches and locks Chavo into a back-to-back stretch. Chavo gets out with an arm drag and gets the better of Eddie in a brawl. Eddie into the corner and Chavo with the uppercuts. Chavo takes a page out of Eddie’s playbook and hits the hat trick verticals. Chavo calls for the frogsplash. Chavo up top, he flies, but Eddie gets the knees up and Chavo takes a gut full of shin. Chavo charges Eddie, but Eddie back body drops him out of the ring. Chavo Sr. takes this point to make his appearance to distract Eddie. Chavo charges back in, but Eddie sees him and dodges. Eddie puts Chavo down with a few rights and a back suplex and goes for the frog splash. Once Eddie takes flight, tho, Chavo Sr. pulls Jr. out of the way. Rey decides to even the score by running down and taking Sr. out. Both men are down on the mat as we go to commercials.

Back, and Chavo is kicking Eddie down. Eddie makes the ropes, but Chavo drags him out and locks in a half crab. Eddie surprises him with a rollup, but that only gets 2. Chavo works on Eddie knee in the corner then locks in a figure 4 deathlock. Eddie squirms out, but Chavo is right back on him with a half crab again. Eddie gets out and hits a desperation tilt a whirl slam. Eddie putting Chavo up on the ropes and hitting the Hurricanrana. Chavo gets a shot to the gut and goes up top, but Eddie meets him and hits a superplex. Chavo goes for a powerbomb, but Eddie flips out of it and hits a quick powerbomb of his own. Eddie rushes up, hits the frogsplash and covers! Angle goes down, but doesn’t count. Eddie wonders what’s up, Angle answers with a right hand to knock Eddie down. Kurt beating on Eddie now, throwing him out of the ring, making him eat ringsteps, throwing him back in. Angle with more beating on Eddie in the ring. Rey comes down and tries to make the save, but Angle catches him and reverses his flying ‘rana attempt into a powerbomb. Rey kicked to the curb, and Kurt on top of Eddie, punching him down some more. Kurt out of the ring and grabbing the title. Kurt helps Eddie back up to his feet, and lays him out with the title. Eddie is a bloody mess by now, and Cole and Tazz have been struck silent by what’s happened here. Kurt stares at Eddie for a bit more, exits the ring, and gives us a madman’s grin as we fade out.

Ok, raise your hand if you didn’t actually see that coming. Despite the telegraphing, Kurt’s turn was very well executed, and gives some real drama for us to build on going into Wrestlemania. The rest of the show was perfectly acceptable entertainment as well, with a good tag match to kick us off, Cena and Big Show finally getting down to business with the US title, and Brock taking the first step to his match against Goldberg at WM. Smackdown this week showed us that they have their eyes focused on delivering a kick ass show at Wrestlemania, and if things work out, they shouldn’t disappoint.

See ya Next Week!


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