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Josh Mathews is Tough Enough?
November 5, 2004

by Sledge
Special to OnlineOnslaught.com/Courtesy of MattSledge.com


Greetings and salutations wrestling freaks, and welcome to the debut of Sledge here on OO! The Rick needed someone to do the SD! Recap while Big Danny T was out, so I volunteered my services (plus some mighty fine premium Hookers And Blow™), and he simply couldn’t resist.

About yours truly: I’m a radio program director/DJ by day, and a music/computer/ playstation/wrestling/ whatever geek by night. Since this is my debut doing recaps, any and all feedback is appreciated - even if it’s to say, “Hey man, you SUCK”. If you DO say that, I must remind you of this: I did not achieve this position in life by having some 

snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind. 

With that out of the way let’s get down to business, shall we? Oh, and one small thing to mention: I’m a sarcastic bastard. Please keep that in mind when reading.

THIS JUST IN: WWE released Rico on Thursday. Hey, he can always go back to American Gladiators… oh, wait. Oops.

TONIGHT: More Tough Enough filler AND the voting starts (do you REALLY care?), we’ll find out just who will join Kurt Angle’s Survivor Series team, and – I kid you not – MORE!

WWE SMACKDOWN! LIVE from St. Louis On UPN (Liars! Taped 11.02.04 – Hey, DID YOU VOTE?!, Aired 11.04.04)!

(Stupid Random Question: How come at the end of the WWE Leader for RAW they show the new and improved Bisch, but for SmackDown! it’s nobody? I smell discrimination! I kid, I kid!!!)

BACKSTAGE (1): Al Snow is working out the Tough Enough kids through all sorts of running and exercise drills. Cut to one of them hurling into a garbage can. Then, they eat a crapload of pasta for dinner while literally choking it all down, and then more drills! This is all capped with the time up in the left hand corner, leading up to the show. After the drills, they are shown walking in the backstage area to the ring. Cut to…

IN THE RING (2): It’s Uncle Al and his children, as he introduces his seven dwarves.

Al: Now boys, you did real good last week, and you did a good job talking smack to The Big Show… but tonight, here on SMACKDOWN!, I’d like to introduce you to the only WWE Superstar – EVER – to win Olympic Gold! May I introduce you to … MISTER KURT ANGLE!

Cue music and “YOU SUCK!” chant; Kurt makes his way into the ring and stares down each member individually. He gets the mic from Al, does some more staring down, and gets right in the face  of Dan R., who is about 5 inches taller then Kurt. Kurt tries to psyche him out, and Dan doesn’t flinch. He moves down the line to Chris, asks everyone their name, and makes some cracks and threats towards them. Kurt finally tells us why he’s out here – to berate them, that they have it way too easy and he hates each and every one of them.

Kurt is going to have them all do squat thrusts – and the one who does the most gets a Special Prize! So, they do them. And boy, do they suck. Kurt yells at them some more about how much they all suck, how much he hates them, and tells them how Squat Thrusts are really done!

Meanwhile we look back to what happened LAST WEEK. Sorry, this was covered last week. At this point, we’re eleven minutes into the show.

IN THE RING, continued: The TE boys are still doing Squat Thrusts – badly, too. Kurt calls the refs to the ring and orders them that if they see any of the boys doing the Squat Thrusts wrong, then they are to be “eliminated”. They keep doing them, Kurt keeps yelling at them, the speed increases as Justin is gonzo, followed by Nick, Ryan, Dan R. , (we’re up to 31 squat thrusts now) Mike, and Dan P.,

Chris Narwocki is the “winner” as he’s the last one left. His Special Prize is this: A match against Kurt Angle! And guess what? It starts RIGHT NOW. Kurt makes quick work of Chris, pinning him in just less than 30 seconds. Kurt, meanwhile, isn’t finished just yet. He looks at the boys outside the ring, wonders who wants to wrestle him next, and Dan P. volunteers his services.

Cole and Tazz hype up Dan’s UFC experience, but it doesn’t do him any wonders as he lasts a whole 35 seconds against Angle. Dan holds his hand out, but Kurt refuses, gets in his face and talks him down. Kurt gets back on the mic, and tells them all they aren’t Tough Enough. Cue Kurt’s music as Al and his kiddies walk back up the ramp. 

Cut to Tazz and Cole – Mikey thanks us for voting on Tuesday, and segues to the Tough Enough voting that begins tonight! Tazz takes over and they talk about Booker T beating Orlando Jordan last week with highlights from that match. That leads us to…

BACKSTAGE (2): It’s Josh Matthews, and he’s got YOUR WWE Champ JBL and Orlando “Houseboy” Jordan on the mic. Josh is wearing an absolutely awful button-down shirt, and asks Orlando why he thinks his upcoming rematch with Booker T will be different then last week. Orlando begins to speak, but JBL stops him from talking and smacks Josh across the head. HARD.  JBL tells Josh to threat his Chief Of Staff with respect. Orlando gets on the mic and tells Josh that he is the greatest athlete on SmackDown!, that he’s gonna beat the hell out of Booker T, and he’s thinking Josh should get some, too. Josh replies that he’s Sick Of This. Week after week, slap after slap, threat after threat, he’s tired of the abuse. He starts to walk away, then stops. He tells Orlando that in order to beat Booker T tonight, he needs to get his head in “the game” and out of JBL’s rear end (there is a joke to be had there, but I’m not going to go there)! Josh slams the mic in Orlando’s chest and walks away, while JBL stops O from pursuing.


MATCH (1): Booker T versus Orenthal James – err – Orlando Jordan.

Booker is out first, followed by Orlando and JBL in the limo… to no pop whatsoever. Tazz and Cole talk about Josh, the match last week and what’s going to happen in the next few minutes. JBL stares down Booker while Orlando poses in the corners. The match starts, and Booker is on offense right away with a kick to the chest, and a few chest slaps in the corner. Booker throws him into the ropes, and follows with a high elbow taking down Orlando. Book works on the left arm, and then a reverse kick to Orlando’s face. Booker picks up Orlando, and Orlando rakes Booker’s eyes. He gets some momentum coming off the ropes on Booker, but Booker follows it up with an ax handle. Booker goes for the pin, and Orlando kicks out at two. Booker keeps working on Orlando’s left arm, gets Booker in the corner, breaks the hold, and gives Booker some shoulder thrusts to his stomach, followed by Orlando shoving his boot into Booker’s face. Orlando gets Book up, throws him to the opposite corner where Booker counters and kicks Orlando in the head. Booker picks him up and throws down a side slam followed by a pin. The pin attempt is broken at two, Booker picks him up, slaps Orlando in the chest and follows it up with a spine buster. Booker gets up and is getting ready to do the old spin-a-roonie, but JBL interferes via running into the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Three minutes, tops. JBL and Orlando team up and kick Booker while he’s down, followed up with the clothesline from hell by JBL. They leave while JBL stares down Booker, and the ref is asking Booker if he wants a massage.

BACKSTAGE (3): It’s The Dudley Family… Well, it’s Bubba and D-Von talking about how they’re gonna buy me drinks at the bar later. Enter Spike. He tells them that HE is going to call The Big Show to the ring, and that THEY are going to take care of Show. D-von wants to know WHAT they are going to do, and here it comes – you can see it coming a mile away - from Spike: “Bubba, D-Von… GET THE TABLES!” D-Von: “TESTIFY!”


BACKSTAGE (4): Josh Matthews is talking to Teddy Long in his office. Josh is fed up with taking crap from everyone. Teddy tells him he HAS to be a pro. Booker T barges in and asks Teddy if he saw WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Teddy saw it, but he didn’t know what the big deal was. Booker wants them BOTH, IN THE RING, TONIGHT! Teddy tries to calm him down and talk some sense into Booker for asking Teddy to book a handicap match, because it would play right into JBL’s plan. Booker doesn’t care, but Teddy reminds him that “we don’t do that in the neighborhood, dawg” and that Booker has a title shot in 10 days at Survivor Series! Booker STILL doesn’t care, and wants revenge TONIGHT for the beat-down from earlier. Teddy tells him what he’s going to do: Teddy will NOT sanction a handicap match - but if Booker can find himself a partner, then Teddy WILL sanction a tag-team match! Josh tries to interrupt Booker while he’s complaining to Teddy because Booker knows everyone in the locker room hates him and he won’t be able to find someone. Finally, Josh gets Booker’s full attention, and tells him to let Booker be his partner. Booker and Teddy both look at Josh like he has lesions on his face. Booker asks Teddy if it can be ANYONE, and Teddy says so. Booker tells Josh he’s in, and Teddy tells them good luck. Holla holla holla!

IN THE RING (3): The Dudley’s are in the ring, with Spike standing on a table. Spike has a mic, and calls out The Big Show. Nothing. He throws down some insults, and cue Show’s music. He makes his way down to the ring, and just shakes his head at Spike when he sees him. In the ring now it’s Show, with Spike right in front of him standing on a table, flanked by his brothers. Spike yells at Show for a second, followed by Spike actually spitting on Show. Show wipes it off, and then goes to attack Spike but Bubba and D-Von get to him first. They get some blows to show’s back, followed by a low blow from D-Von, and a 3D. While Show is laid out, Spike orders his brothers to set up the other table in the ring. Bubba and D-Von pick up Show, who was playing possum! Show head butts Bubba, puts D-Von and Bubba thru the tables, and stares down Spike who leaves the ring and goes back up the ramp. 

BACKSTAGE (5): Luther Reigns and Jindrak are complaining in the Locker Room about how The Dudley’s didn’t follow thru with Show, but Angle shows up and calms them down. Carlito is in the same room, and Angle asks him if he’ll join their Survivor Series team. Carlito decides that it’s cool, and joins the team.

RAW REBOUND: Just like The Rick, I don’t recap recaps.

BACKSTAGE (6): RVD And Rey Mysterio get themselves psyched up for their tag-team match by doing their catchphrases.


MATCH (2): Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam versus Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak.

Rey and RVD are out first, followed by Luther and Jindrak.  Rey and Jindrak start it off. Jindrak starts off by slamming Rey down face first after they sized each other up in the center of the ring. Rey recovers and dropkicks Jindrak while he’s kneeling, punches him in the back a couple of times, and then is thrown to the ropes by Jindrak. Rey runs the ropes and gives punches to the gut after sliding between Jindrak’s legs, and then bounces off the ropes for the head-leg scissors. Rey tags in RVD, and Rey does a broncobuster on Jindrak while he’s down in the corner. RVD follows it up with a split-leg moonsault! The pin attempt goes for two, with Jindrak back on offense. A stomp to the chest by Jindrak, who then throws RVD into the corner headfirst. A couple of shoulder-thrusts to RVD’s stomach, and RVD is sittin’ on the mat in the corner sucking wind. A boot to the face from Jindrak, and the ref breaks the hold. RVD counters a throw to the other corner by running the ropes and clothes lining Jindrak. Reigns enters the ring, the ref goes over to get him out, and this gives Rey the chance to enter the ring. RVD grabs him, and uses Rey as a leg-drop on Jindrak. Rey scampers out right as the ref turns around while RVD is going for the cover, but it’s only two. RVD tries to throw Jindrak in the corner, but Jindrak counters and gets RVD in the corner. Jindrak rushes over and gets a boot in the face for his efforts. RVD bounces off the ropes and reverses in air to cover Jindrak, but it’s only a two-count. Jindrak picks up RVD and puts him in a neck-hold while he tags in Reigns. Luther gets a kick in the gut to RVD, and Jindrak steps out. Luther gets RVD in the center of the ring, and slaps him on the side of his head. Luther then runs RVD off the ropes, and RVD counters by rolling over Luther and a reverse kick to the face! The cover attempt goes for two for RVD. Luther gets up, kicks RVD in the gut, and promptly gives him a side slam suplex. Luther covers, and gets two. Luther then does the “choke-hold with the knee in the back” move, and RVD slowly counters out of it by jabbing Luther in the gut with his elbow. He gets out of it, runs the ropes and does the sunset flip but doesn’t take Luther with him as he counters it with punches to RVD’s face. Luther messes around some more, gets RVD by the head and tries to slam him in the corner, but RVD counters it with a boot to the corner, followed by a boot to Luther’s face. RVD bounces off the second rope for a thrust kick to Luther, which drops him to the mat. Rey tags in, jumps on the tops rope from outside and takes Luther down. Luther is back up, and Rey delivers a couple of punches and kicks before running the ropes, Luther goes for a boot to the head which Rey ducks for, and delivers a dropkick which sets up the 619 for Rey! Jindrak comes in to interfere, but RVD kicks him back out. Rey goes for the 619, but is caught by Jindrak who is outside the ring, and drops Rey down to the floor. With Rey outside the ropes, we go to some ads.


We’re back, and during the break Reigns regained control and has Rey in the center of the ring with a hold he is fighting to get out of. Rey does so, and delivers two kicks to a kneeling Reigns. Rey runs off the ropes, and counter-slides next to an attacking Reigns, who gives an elbow to Rey’s left kidney. Reigns gets Rey into a full nelson, which leads to a one-arm slam. Reigns drags ray to his corner, where Jindrak gets tagged in. Jindrak with a quick kick to the chest and a cover, which gets two. Rey rolls over, and Jindrak kicks to the stomach, while Rey rolls over to the odd corner. Jindrak gives five more stomps for good measure, and is broken up by the ref. Jindrak takes Rey down again with a nasty Irish Whip to the opposite corner. Jindrak grabs Rey by the head and flips him over on his back, so that Jindrak can deliver an elbow to the chest, followed by another, and then Jindrak poses to the crowd a la Rick Rude before delivering another elbow to the chest. Heck, all Jindrak needs now is a cheesy porno mustache, curly hair, and pink tights! Anyways… another cover attempt, and Rey kicks out at two. Jindrak now has Rey in a choke-hold in the center of the ring, and of course Rey fights his way out of it, along with some elbows and punches to the gut of Jindrak. Rey tries to run the ropes, but is met with a knee to the back compliments of Reigns which the ref didn’t see. Jindrak flips Rey over for the pin, but it’s another two count. Jindrak tags Luther in, and they throw Rey to the ropes. He comes off and gets a double shoulder block. Jindrak goes back to the corner while Luther goes for the pin – and another two count. Luther isn’t happy and begins kicking Rey in the back, and then delivers an elbow across the sternum of Rey. Luther then poses for the crowd, and kicks Rey some more. Luther knocks RVD off of the corner, and picks up Rey and puts him in his corner as he tags Jindrak in. Jindrak enters and gives Rey a few stomps to the chest and a boot to the chin, all while the ref is distracted by RVD. Jindrak flips Rey out of the corner and into the center of the ring for another hold, this time with the knee in Rey’s back. Rey battles out of it by sliding down, and Jindrak lets go. Rey kicks Jindrak in the side, and runs off the ropes. Rey avoids a clothesline and tries to do a springboard off the ropes, but is countered with a slam by Jindrak into a in, which is broken up by RVD. Jindrak goes back to his corner, Reigns comes in and applies a chokehold to Rey – but they didn’t tag and the ref notices. Luther has to get out of the ring, so he drags Rey to the corner and Jindrak re-enters. Jindrak stomps Rey once, tags Luther, and NOW he’s the legal man. In the meantime, Rey was crawling across the ring to try and tag RVD, but Luther got a hold of him and dragged him away from his corner. Luther follows with an elbow to the back of Rey, followed by a knee to the kidneys and some more stompin’. Luther then picks Rey up and gives him the bear-hug hold. Rey counters by hitting Luther in the head a few times until he gets dropped. Luther then kicks Rey in the gut with his knee, and throws him to the corner, where Rey punches Jindrak off the apron. Rey, with a kick to the jaw, follows it up with a counter DDT. Rey and Reigns are both out on the mat, and I sense a HOT TAG coming up! BINGO! Reigns crawls over and gets the tag from Jindrak, and Rey slowly gets up and flips his way toward RVD where he gets the tag. RVD enters, ducks the swinging arm from Jindrak, and delivers a few blows and kicks before taking him down with a solid reverse kick to the chest. RVD runs over and knocks Reigns off the apron. He follows it up with a spin kick to Jindrak, and RVD climbs the ropes to deliver a dropkick from the top rope to Jindrak. RVD for the pin… and Reigns breaks it up. Rey enters, body punches Reigns a few times, but Luther no sells it and throws Rey against the ropes. Luther comes after Rey, but he ducks and Luther goes flying over the top rope to the outside. RBD with a spinning leg drop to Jindrak, and then grabs Rey and flips Rey onto Reigns, and RVD follows it up with the rolling thunder! RVD with the cover, and Luther pulls RVD off of Jindrak to break it up. Rey, meanwhile, kicks Luther down outside from just inside the ring. Back in the center of the ring, where Jindrak picks RVD up – RVD counters over him, and follows it up with an Enzungiri that puts Jindrak into the ropes. Rey is still inside the ring, and delivers the 619 to Jindrak! RVD goes up for the Frog Splash, and is getting ready to deliver but Reigns grabs a leg – so Rey 619’s Reigns in the back of the head to break up the hold! RVD jumps, connects, and pins Jindrak! A SOLID 17 minute match. 

POSTMATCH: Rey and RVD celebrate on their way up the ramp, but Carlito Caribbean Cool’s music starts playing... and there he is with his bodyguard, Jesus. They all meet up face to face, have a chat about where they’re going after the show, and then … Carlito takes a HUGE bite of his ever-present apple and spits it in RVD’s face. RVD follows with some punches to Carlito, but RVD gets punked out by Jesus. Meanwhile, both RVD and Rey get dragged back into the ring where Reigns and Jindrak are waiting to deliver a post-match beating. It’s a four-on-two assault, but that all changes when Eddie Guerrero shows up with a chair! He’s in the ring, smacks Luther across the back, stabs Jindrak with the chair and then slams him across the back, all while Carlito and Jesus bail out of the ring. A stare down ensues while Eddie’s music plays and the heels making their way to the back.

RECAP: The Survivor Series rundown.

BACKSTAGE (7): It’s Eddie Guerrero and Teddy Long, in Teddy’s office. I wonder if Vince makes Teddy hang his picture, or Teddy does it on purpose… anyways. Teddy tells Eddie he has a problem – Rey can’t be on Eddie’s Survivor Series team because Rey has been booked into a Fatal Four-Way Match for Survivor Series with Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Spike Dudley and Rey Mysterio for The Cruiserweight Championship! What happened was that no one told Teddy that Rey was on Eddie’s team BEFORE he booked the Fatal Four-Way. Eddie’s understandably not happy, but Teddy gives him until next week to find the person to make up for Rey’s absence in Team Guerrero.

Cut to the ring, where an arm-wrestling table is shown. Cole and Tazz talk about the Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie feud, and they take us back to last week’s shenanigans. Take a wild guess what is up next, because we have some



IN THE RING (4): Michael Cole is in the ring, and he’s there to announce a Special Match between Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie … TONIGHT! By Gawd, it’s an ARM WRESTLING MATCH! Aren’t you jacked? No? Damn.

MATCH (3) AKA FILLER: Dawn Marie versus Miss Jackie in an arm-wrestling match.

Cole introduces Dawn Marie, looking especially slutty tonight in all black. Dawn gets the mic from Cole, and dedicates her victory to her Charlie. Cole gets the mic back from Dawn, and introduces Miss Jackie, who storms to the ring. Miss Jackie wants to FIGHT, but the ref calms her down so they can have this absolutely bitching arm-wresting contest. Both are still exchanging pleasantries all this time in front of the table, until the ref orders them to put their arms together and get this damn thing started. It starts, and by golly whaddya know – Dawn Marie interrupts this contest with a head-butt to Jackie. Last time I checked, that’s a wee bit illegal. Dawn throws the table aside, runs to Jackie, and throws her via her hair. Ouch. The catfight ensues, and here comes Charlie Haas down to the ring on crutches! The ref is trying to break things up, but to no avail. Charlie gets into the ring and is yelling at them to stop it, but they roll out of the ring and continue fighting on the outside. Aw, CRAP. Here’s Heidenrich in the ring and now he’s assaulting Chuuckles with one of the crutches, right on Chuckie’s bad knee. A shot to the head and body follow from the crutch, and Charlie is trying to get away… until Jackie interferes and slaps Johnny… Angry Johnny. He – of course – isn’t happy about this and just pushes Jackie away and down to the mat. Heidenrich continues to beat on Haas, and then here’s Paul Heyman on the apron yelling at his “client” to stop attacking. He doesn’t stop because little Angry Johnny thinks that Haas is really The Undertaker. What, can’t these guys afford a trip to the eye doctor?! Oh wait, they might get fired if they do that. Heidenrich delivers his finishing move to Haas – all while Heyman is yelling at him to stop – and Heidenrich keeps yelling about The Undertaker. Johnny finally leaves the ring, and then Dawn comes in to console Charlie Haas – but it appears that Chuck wants none of it.


IN THE RING (5): Actually, more filler. The Tough Enough dudes are back out in the stage and Al hypes them up to the crowd about wheat they have been through tonight. A recap airs from earlier tonight – which we already covered earlier. So now, Al says, you can vote on WWE.com who you think should win. Al runs down the finalists while the Papa Roach tune “Getting Away With Murder” plays. How … appropriate. Voting ends Monday night at midnight, and the person who gets the fewest votes will be eliminated on next week’s SmackDown! Al begins to say something else, and Torrie Wilson decides to interfere. Al doesn’t seem to mind, and hands her the mic. Torrie tells the boys that next week they will be put to the ultimate test at the start of the show. Each and every one of them will be taking the Torrie Wilson Sex Test – and she hopes they are “up” to the challenge as she ogles each and every one of the boys before she exits stage right.


NEXT WEEK on SmackDown!, as just announced by Teddy Long: Kurt Angle versus The Big Show. Hoohah!

MATCH (4): Booker T and Josh Matthews versus JBL and Orlando Jordan. Really!

Ten minutes to go in the show, and JBL and Orlando are already in the ring. Cue Booker T’s music, and here he comes followed by Josh. Booker grabs Josh and pushes him toward the ring so that Booker can “light the PYRO!” which he does. Again. Booker gets in the ring, and gets in the faces of JOB (oops! Typo. Really.)  JBL and Orlando, which the ref breaks up and gets everyone to their corners.

The match starts with Booker and JOB, and they trade barbs for about 20 seconds until Booker makes JBL run the ropes. JBL counters, and Throws booker to the ropes, and he counters with a takedown of JBL. Booker now, with a few chest and back slaps, throws JBL into the ropes. JBL counters with a shot across Booker’s back. A chest slap and a punch into the corner, and JBL slams Booker headfirst into the ring corner. Booker recovers with a few more chest slaps of his own, and takes down JBL with a punch to the face. Booker throws JBL into the corner, rushes in, and JBL delivers a boot to Booker’s face. Bradshaw runs over with a shoulder knockdown, grabs Booker by the hair and tags in Orlando. They team up for a double shoulder knockdown on Booker as he was thrown off the ropes. JBL goes back to his corner, and Orlando stomps away on Booker until Booker gets up and sidekicks Orlando down to the mat. Booker with a punch/slap/punch combo then runs Orlando to the ropes where he is greeted with a face full of boot. Booker goes for the pin, but JBL puts a stop to that. Booker T ends up kicking JBL out of the ring, and then points to his partner over there in the corner, Josh Matthews.  Josh looks hesitant at first, but tags in! He climbs to the top rope, and delivers a BITCHING flying cross-body slam to Orlando! Josh off the ropes, and he knocks JBL off the apron! He looks STOKED. But then, JBL is back on the apron, and Josh wisely tags in Booker. Booker takes out JBL with a punch, and the same to Orlando. Another punchdown to JBL, and a spine buster to Orlando. JBL is back up and pushes Booker towards his corner, who then accidentally knocks Josh off the apron. JBL pushes booker outside via the top rope, and goes out to get him. A shot to the arm via the knee and a shot to the back, Booker then gets thrown into the steel steps by JBL, who isn’t the legal man. JBL goes over to Booker to pick him up, but then is piggybacked by Josh – JBL flips him forward off his back. Booker is still down, and now Josh. The ref comes out and tells JBL to get back to his corner, but he isn’t listening. JBL picks up Josh and tosses him into the ring – Josh IS the legal man now via the “accidental” contact from Booker earlier. Orlando stalks Josh, who then puts him in the corner and slaps Josh a couple of times before flipping him to the center of the ring. Orlando knocks a recovering Booker T off the apron, and goes back to Josh. Orlando takes off Josh’s shirt, and tags in JBL. Orlando holds Josh while JBL slaps him on the left side of the ribs, and Orlando goes back to his corner while JBL grabs josh by the hair and just NAILS his forearm across Josh’s back. JBL kicks Booker off the apron, and goes back to Josh to kick him in the back. JBL grabs him by the hair and drags him to the corner where Orlando tags in, and pushes Josh down towards the center of the ring. Orlando now with a stomp and some smack talk while he slaps Josh around on the mat. Josh now is back to his feet, and absorbs some punches from Orlando, and then falling to the mat after one final punch. Orlando goes over to Booker in the corner, Booker ducks under the punch attempt from Orlando, and then grabs his head and slams his neck into the top rope while falling down to the floor. Booker back up, thrusts his shoulder into Orlando’s gut when he attacks, followed by a kick to the noggin from Booker! Josh is down on the mat, struggling to get to the corner to tag Booker. Orlando is down as well, and there is Your HOT TAG. Booker comes in, gets a few punches and a back body drop to Orlando off the ropes. Here comes JBL, and Booker takes him down with a clothesline. Booker throws JBL to the ropes, and gives him a back body drop! Follow that up with a spin kick to Orlando to keep him down, and Booker goes back to JBL to throw him in the corner. JBL counters, runs off the ropes, Bookers ducks the clothesline attempt, and is then greeted with a Book End! Orlando attacks, and is greeted with another Book End! Booker clotheslines JBL out of the ring, and Orlando gets the Scissors Kick! Here’s the cover, and 1-2-3! Booker T and Josh win! The ref raises Booker’s arm, but Josh is still on the mat in the corner. He looks dead, almost. Booker drags Josh to the center of the ring, he gets up, and falls back down. Booker tries to get him up again, and no go. Booker then climbs a corner ring post to pose while Cole and Tazz hype up Survivor Series to close the show.

Thoughts on the show: Not bad overall, but I can do without the Tough Enough and Diva filler. But then, my brain is swiss-cheesed right now. Any and all feedback is appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed my look at SmackDown!



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