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God Save the Queen?
June 16, 2006

by Ben Locke
"SmackDown! Idol" Contestant for OnlineOnslaught.com


Welcome to the first of Online Onslaught's Smackdown! tryout recaps. My names Ben, I'm 24 and I live in the UK so I apologise in advance for spelling in the Queen's English. I do however live up to the Family Guy British stereotype of having wonky teeth and enjoying a lovely cup of tea. You haven't logged onto OO to read about us Brits though, you are here for the 2nd or 3rd best wrestling programming of the week (don't get ECW here until Sunday night so can't comment on it yet) so lets get on with the recap: 
Taped 13/6/06 from Trenton New Jersey.

Show starts with 'The Miz' doing his hosting bit which I'm going to gloss over. We do find out that the main event for this evening is Lashley vs King Booker and the match that will kick off the show is:

Rey Mysterio vs Gregory Helms

At this point JBL joins us to become Smackdown's new colour analyst replacing Tazz. He is able to remind us that it is 'Morning again in America' before Rey's music interrupts. Cole is able to add that JBL is unable to be biased or get physical or he will get fired again. Rey has his shoulder heavily taped due to the match with Sabu at One Night Stand. We get an old school Wrestling Challenge style insert from Helms telling us you don't have to be a super-hero to beat Mysterio. Wow, this might just be a match that Rey can win! I would point out that this is champion vs champion but really who cares about the cruiserweight title at this point!?

Match starts with Helms acting cocky, trying to outwrestle Mysterio then each wrestler taking turns to one-up each other. JBL puts Helms over as the best champion on the Smackdown brand. Helms tries to target the injuries that Rey suffered but got head scissored out of the ring then a baseball slide into the table. Rey then chucks Helms back into the ring at which point he gets distracted by JBL which allows Helms to take control. JBL is continually bashing Rey for being stupid enough to take the match at One Night Stand, this allows Cole to remind JBL that Rey beat him twice within a week. One of the moves that Helms used was a spinning backbreaker (took Rey from the Rock Bottom position down onto the knees). Rey is able to hit a wheelbarrow bulldog followed by a seated senton from the top rope. Helms performs a sunset flip from the top rope that gets countered ionto a dropkick. Helms does a switch but Rey manages to get him in position for the 619, Helms avoids it and hits a baldobomb for 2. Helms is able to hit a flapjack from a powerbomb position, misses a clothesline, Rey is able to hit the 619 and then a top rope guillotine legdrop for the victory. We then gets shots of JBL who is still going on about Rey having too much 'machismo' for taking on any challengers.

This was a great way to start the show with two guys being able to go out and wrestle without interference, how refreshing!

Still to come: Regal/Finlay vs Matt Hardy/Gunnar Scott King Booker vs Lashley (Up next)


Highlights of The 'Great' Khali taking out London/Kendrick and the Mexicools. Always good to see the tag team champions being shown in such a good light. We also find out that a Khali vs Mexicools handicap match has been signed for later on tonight.

King Booker vs Bobby Lashley
I'm loving King Booker's new regal music. I also have to mention the wonderfully over-the-top commentary of JBL at this point, he is literally gushing about King Booker and Queen Sharmell and is nearly in tears. I really can't do it justice in written form, you have to hear it to beleive it! Lashley then comes down the aisle but is attacked from behind by Finlay and Regal. Lashley is then tripple teamed and is nailed twice in the knee with the Shillelah. Gunnar Scott and Matt Hardy come out to make the save but it may be too late.

I should also point out it was around this time that Cole started to refer to Finlay and Regal as the 'King's Court'. I really think that the name sucks so will just refer to them as Finlay/Regal instead.


Moments ago: I'm taking the party line from The Rick and not recapping recaps.

Lashley is in the back telling the doctor that he will wrestle later on tonight no matter what the doctor says.

Ken Kennedy vs Nick Burke
Ah yes, like a breath of fresh air to my Friday nights its MISTERRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYY! KENNEDY!!!! Ok sue me this might be my one and only shot at this so I had to get it in. I don't think that Mr. Berk will be lasting too long but we will soon see

A very wise man in the crowd has a sign saying 'Kennedy = Ratings', preach on brother! The reason that I'm ignoring the match is that its a total squash with Kennedy finishing Berk off with a neckbreaker making that two new finishing moves in two weeks for Mr Kennedy. JBL decides to give Kennedy the nickname of 'The Total Package' which I'm sure will please Lex no end. After the match Kennedy makes Tony Chimel add in the 2nd Kennedy to the official announcement

Smacdown has really been missing Kennedy and I think that the fan reaction tonight showed that he won't be a heel for too much longer

Raw Rebound: I don't recap recaps.

Backstage with the Mexicools: Psycosis assures Super Crazy that he has got his back tonight. There goes another tag team then...........................................................

Batista is returning to Smackdown


The 'Great' Khali vs The Mexicools
Ok lets see what we have here: a big sack of crap vs two outstanding wrestlers who, rather than keeping them together, the company want to split them up and further ruin the Smackdown tag division. I say that as if it were that great to begin with, it almost makes me yearn for the days of the Basham Brothers, almost. I hope that you will forgive me by skipping to the end of the 'match' as we know that its just an excuse for the post-match angle.

Khali is dominating the Mexicools and has singled out Super Crazy. Psycosis comes into the ring with a steel chair but rather than hit Khali decides to slide out of the ring and abandon his partner. Khali hits the choke throw for the pin. After Khali throws Super Crazy out of the ring. Daivari comes into the ring and tells us that everyone, even The Undertaker, is afraid of Khali. We are then treated to some of Khali's great interview skills where he says something that was supposed to be 'Rest In Peace'. Ok he's big and scary, we get it already just don't let him anywhere near a ring until The Undertaker can do the world a great service and get rid of him for us!

We get another recap of the Lashley attack. Cole announces that the match is still on for tonight.

Diva Bikini Contest from last week: Yeah like I'm recapping that!

This segues into a Miz and Ashley segment which is being skipped over purely for my own sanity. Ashley does take over ring announcing duties for our next match:

Matt Hardy and Gunnar Scott vs Finlay and William Regal
This should be good. I think that Finlay and Regal would make an excellent tag team combo as will Scott/Benoit when Benoit is back from his injury. It means that Matt Hardy will prob be floating round the midcard but what else is new?!

The match starts with some quality wrestling from Finlay and Scott but then a cheapshot from Finlay allows him to take over with some more basic wrestling holds. Scott is able to tag in Hardy which allows JBL to fire in the line "Hardy could have been Shawn Michaels but ended up being Marty Jannettty". JBL is really pushing the fact that Hardy is still whining about the whole Edge/Lita situation and that he should get over it. Hardy is all over Finlay until he is attacked from behind by Regal whilst Finlay is complaining about a thumb to the eye. Hardy is able to come back with a pretty cool bulldog-clothesline combo on Regal and Finlay. Hardy and Finlay fight to the outside where Finlay grabs his shillaleh, Hardy ducks and the shillaleh is dropped. This allows Finlay's 'Little Bastard' to grab it from under the ring and attack Hardy with it.

Q What is better than a fighting midget?
A Calling it a Little Bastard

This takes us to the main portion of the match with Finlay and Regal taking it to Hardy. This includes a really cool double team over the head backbreaker/clubbimg blow combo. The other main story is that Scott's inexperience means that he keeps coming into the ring allowing Finlay/Regal to continue their double teams which culminates in Hardy climbing to the top rope and being thrown off to the floor by Regal. This is a perfect chance for a:


We come back with Hardy in a chinlock and there is blood coming from the lip. The punishment that Hardy is taking is really showing off the great rugged smashmouth style that both Regal and Finlay are capable of. This includes a really nasty grapevine with Regal's hands pushed into Hardy's nose. The tag is made but Finlay makes the mistake of charging into Hardy who is able to sidestep and Finlay hits the steel post. Hardy tags in Scott who is a general house of fire including throwing a german suplex and landing a missile dropkick. Hardy is thrown to the outside leaving Scott and Finlay in the ring. The shillelah has been found again by Finlay who strikes Scott from behind and covers him for the pin.

Post match, Finlay drags out the Little Bastard who attacks everyone including Regal, Finlay is able to get conrol of the shillelah back.

I thought that this was an excellent match, probably the best of the night. It was done totally old school which always goes down well with the crowd. I hope that Finlay/Regal are kept as a full time team based on this outing as they have a great chemistry together as their styles are so similar. The commentary by JBL may also be pointing towards a Hardy turn due to the waste of his talents and being stuck in the midcard.

Backstage Booker and Sharmell are informed by Teddy Long that the match with Lashley is still on tonight. The segment would have been good if we hadn't already been told earlier in the night that the segment was going ahead.

Batista is returning to Smackdown in 21 days.

Chavo Guerrero Interview
Michael Cole is in the ring to conduct this interview. Cole would like to know if Chavo is reconsidering retirement due to the support of his best friend Rey Mysterio and the thousands of e-mails from the fans. Chavo reminds us all that he is a Guerrero and of the history and baggage that goes with that name and how the support from the fans has meant the world to him. Chavo is about to answer the question when Mark Henry decides to interrupt (and I was hoping I wouldn't have to put up with him this week). Henry reminds us that he shortens and ends careers (and our patience), he took out Benoit, sends out a warning to Batista and thinks that Rey is ducking him and won't face him for the title. At this point Chavo squares up to Henry so Henry attacks him and performs two worlds strongest slams then takes Chavo into the steel post just as he did to Benoit.

I think we have just seen Mysterio's next two feuds start: Henry because of Rey 'ducking' him and Chavo because Rey didn't help his best friend out when he needed it most.


Backstage Ashley and Michelle are talking with the usual diva hollywood lines. I beleive the punchline was Ashley saying "You should stop teaching class and start showing some class", what a great speech and superbly delivered, ahem!

Vito vs Scott Wright
I'm so glad that after Orlando Jordan leaving the company that his angles are still being kept intact for us all to enjoy. Vito this evening is wearing quite a striking light blue outfit for the ring and black for the gym. This is again a squash match played to almost total silence because nobody cares about Vito. The finish is a hammerlock submission with Wright having his head between Vito's legs, lovely!

King Booker vs Bobby Lashley (Take 2)
There is heavy strapping on Lashley's leg and he is attacked by Booker in the aisle. The match gets underway with Booker firmly in control through his own offence and Sharmell interfering. Lashley gets some token offence in but it just takes a kick to his knee for Booker to take Lashley down. At this point Booker gets cocky allowing Lashley to do the head into the turnbuckle spot altough Booker takes control again with knee strikes and is able to slap on a chinlock. Lashley is able to power back up with right hands and a clothesline, he attempts to go for a spear but Booker sidesteps it sending Lashley to the outside and it's time for the final:


We return with Booker still on the attack including a high side kick, he starts getting cocky and is peppering Lashley into the corner. They fight back to the middle of the ring where Booker is caught with a belly to belly throw. Lashley tries to get some momentum but gets thrown out of the ring again and there is a baseball slide from Booker. We head back to the ring where Booker applies another resthold which Lashley again powers out of. Booker attempts a suplex but that gets blocked and countered. A reverse and switch sequence ends with a Bookend which Lashley is able to kick out at 2. Lashley goes for the powerslam but gets a sidekick in the face and Booker slaps on another chinlock. This time though Lashley is able to power out, keep Booker on his back and then onto his shoulder, hits the running powerslam and gets the victory.

Booker, Sharmell and JBL are all in a state of shock and the show ends with Lashley celebrating and Booker crying in the ring (with his crown on).

Overall Thoughts
Smackdown at the moment is obviously in a holding pattern until WWE get the Vengeance PPV out of the way. I thought that this week's show was very enjoyable with 3 good WRESTLING contests at the beginning, middle and end. The tag match was my match of the night with Mysterio-Helms and Booker-Lashley just below. I think that tonight proved that Lashley is still not quite ready for the main event just yet due to the amount of restholds in the match but he is certainly on the way. I hope that they continue to push Booker/Finlay/Regal as a stable as they share a great chemistryand can see all 3 winning gold in the next couple of months, they could maybe add a 4th member to round the stable out (Hardy, Helms?).

As for next weeks show we will probably see Booker/Finlay/Regal make Lashleys life hell, Crazy vs Psycosis will be blown off so Crazy can go to ECW as well as more possible challengers for Mysterio's title. Its all about the build for next week, you have to hook the fans in to make them want to come back and I thought the WWE did that pretty well this week.

On a personal note just want to thank Rick for giving me this opportunity and hopefully he will ask me back again sometime! Also if anyone who is reading this is going to see The Foo Fighters this weekend, hope that you have a great time, Im going to the gig in Manchester on Sunday, its the first time I've seen them and I cant wait!

Thanks for reading


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